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JOB SEARCH / MAR. 26, 2015
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5 Jobs for Those with a BA in Digital Media Management in the US

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Digital media includes any media, including software, applications and webpages, which can be created, viewed, distributed and stored on computers. A bachelor’s degree in digital media management covers topics such as digital piracy, digital marketing and social media use. Graduates have the opportunity to find employment in entertainment, broadcasting, marketing and even legal environments. Before listing the careers available for these graduates, here are some of the universities offering the program:


1. Social Media Manager

Are you a social media animal? If so, you can combine your enthusiasm with a bachelor’s degree in digital media management to become a social media manager. You will likely work for corporate organizations, educational institutions, government entities or individuals with a huge social media following. Your job will be to manage your employer’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Day-to day-tasks include posting updates, responding to queries, and growing the employer’s fanbase. According to PayScale, social media managers earn about $46,000 a year.

2. Web Content Manager

In the world of search engines, competition for first-page ranking is fierce. Only websites with high quality and relevant content manage to occupy this coveted page. Content managers are responsible for the quality of content posted on websites on blogs. They use their understanding of search engine optimization techniques to guide content creators in writing articles that improve the website or blog’s ranking. Web content managers are typically hired by companies that run e-commerce websites. The average annual salary for these managers is $77,000, according to job site Indeed.

3. Digital Strategist

Any organization that desires to have an online impact must hire a digital strategist or planner. Starting from scratch, the strategist designs and implements the organization’s Internet strategy. If the company wants to build a solid web presence, the digital strategist determines, for instance, whether it should engage Internet users through its website or on social networks! Digital strategists can work for schools, government agencies and businesses. PayScale reports that the average annual salary for a digital strategist is $62,615.

4. Digital Law Specialist

Organizations must take responsibility for their actions on digital media platforms. To ensure they act ethically and in accordance with various laws governing the digital world, a digital laws specialist is a must-hire. These professionals have an intricate understanding of software piracy, IP spoofing, intellectual property, online privacy and identity theft, among other legal issues. As companies provide digital products and services, digital law specialists (who may not necessarily be lawyers) provide advice on how to best achieve legal compliance. If you fancy this job, Indeed says you should expect to earn around $52,000 a year.

5. Web Analyst/Consultant

How does a company like Facebook know that its users are, for example, not pleased with some of its services? Well, a web analyst or consultant provides this information. He or she spends time conducting surveys and interviews to gather information on users’ views about a company’s digital products and services. The company uses this information to improve the effectiveness of its web services. While some web analysts work as in-house employees in companies, others run their own consulting firms. On average, these professionals earn $76,000 a year, Indeed reports.

With many businesses and organizations trying to navigate the digital world in a bid to find new markets and reach Internet users, there is no doubt digital media management specialists are on demand.

So, if you want to secure any of these jobs, then a bachelor’s degree in digital media management is the credential to obtain.

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