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5 Jobs for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts in the US

There is much more to food than just its preparation and consumption. The way a meal is presented significantly affects our sensory perception and, consequently, our appetite. Culinary arts combine nutrition, dietetics and food science to equip students with the knowledge required to prepare appetizing, nutritional and satisfying foods. A bachelor’s degree in this field opens doors to a variety of jobs within the restaurant and hospitality industry.

If this degree whets your appetite, you can pursue it at any of the following top institutions:

  • New England Culinary Institute, Vermont
  • Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island
  • Kendall College, Chicago

Here is a menu of some of the jobs you can sample:

1. Chocalatier



Chocolatiers are the ocularists behind your favorite chocolate. Through a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, they acquire an in-depth understanding of the chemistry of chocolate flavors and confectionary formulae, which they use to make chocolate. If you choose this profession, you can hunt for jobs at large candy companies and food processing plants. The College Foundation of North Carolina says you should expect to earn an annual salary of about $42,410.

2. Cake Designer

How about making custom cake designs for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations? Well, you can make this part of your life by becoming a cake designer! Working in bakeries, you will use your culinary skills and creative ability to draw visually appealing cake designs. Bakers use these designs as a ‘blueprint’ for preparing the cakes. You may also be involved in decorating the baked cakes. According to Simply Hired, cake designers earn an average annual salary of $34,000.

3. Healthcare Chef


If you would love to extend your hospitality to the healthcare industry, consider becoming a healthcare chef. These breed of chefs work in hospitals, nursing homes and other types of health facilities, where they prepare suitable meals for patients with various conditions. When doctors recommend that a patient needs a cholesterol-free meal, it is the job of healthcare chefs to select the right ingredients and prepare the meal. Indeed notes that healthcare chefs make $45,000 a year.

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4. Chef de Cuisine


This job title certainly sounds tasty! Chef de cuisines oversee the operations of a single kitchen in a classy restaurant or dining outlet. They rely on their vast cooking experience, and local and international culinary techniques to help junior chefs prepare various cuisines. These professionals also ensure the kitchen is adequately stocked with cooking ingredients and other essentials. According to Monster, chef de cuisines make an average annual salary of $43,019.

5. Culinary Marketing Specialist


With some business acumen and a culinary arts degree, you can find employment as a culinary marketing specialist. Your job is to help restaurants and hotels promote the dishes on their menu. This means you will develop and implement suitable marketing strategies. When a restaurant wants to promote a seafood cuisine, you can work with food photographers to take images of the styled cuisine for use in a commercial. Culinary marketing specialists earn an average annual salary of $34,000, Simply Hired reports.

Although this article isn’t an exhaustive menu of the jobs you can sample, it highlights some of the main courses! Many restaurant managers, food writers and wine sommeliers also have a background in culinary arts.

In a world where dynamism is becoming a key workplace tool, a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts affords you the flexibility you need to switch between careers at will.


Kendall College
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