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STUDENT LIFE / FEB. 09, 2015
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5 Jobs for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in the US

Politics, more or less in a way that economics does, drives the world. When American voters cast ballots to elect the leader of the free world, the rest of the world follows with keen interest. Why? Only political science can provide an elaborate answer.

Political science students study several aspects of politics, including political systems and styles of governance. Their knowledge ensures they have the ability to influence the way governments are run, or how voters elect their preferred leaders. If you are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science, below are some of the universities offering the program:

The jobs available for political science graduates include:

1. Government Policy Analyst

This position affords you the ability to serve the nation, albeit from behind the scenes. Policy analysts are employed by government departments, including the White House, to study the effectiveness of its policies. They work to influence the government’s political policies and choices. For example, they could advise the president to spearhead the formulation of policies that support social inclusion and integrations. Although it takes an advanced degree to become a senior analyst, a bachelor’s degree can help you secure an entry-level position. The median annual wage for policy analysts is $54,348, according to Payscale.

2. Party Organizer

For a political party to win an election, it must have a solid presence throughout the country. Party organizers are responsible for building this presence. They identify regions where the party is not well-established and work toward setting up physical offices and organizing rallies where the party’s politicians can meet with the residents. If you feel this career suits your, job site Indeed notes you should expect to earn an average annual salary of $39,000.

3. Political Aide

Political aides are the brains behind many politicians and individuals who spark public debates. Just like personal assistants, these aides do everything from preparing political speeches, handling the politicians’ communications, and organizing rallies. During campaigns, political aides play an important role in setting the politician’s agenda and message to the voters. According to Salary Expert, political aides can earn up to $72,000 a year.

4. Political Journalist

How about using your understanding of politics to enlighten those who know little about it? Well, your role as a political journalist is to report on political issues. You could write op-eds in newspapers or serve as a correspondent for TV and radio stations. When the US warms up to Cuba, your job is to describe, in detail, the moves’ pros and cons, obviously from a political standpoint. Many political journalists also run blogs where they air their views. According to Indeed, political journalists pocket an average annual salary of $51,000.

5. Politician

Of course, with a bachelor’s degree in political science, you have the knowledge to become a formidable politician. The degree will greatly change the way you view society and governance, so it’s possible the urge to build a better society can thrive in you. As a politician, you can vie for any political office, from that of the town clerk, mayor, governor, senator, or even president. Importantly, you must have a good political campaign manager or strategist. Salaries for US politicians vary greatly depending on their positions. Senators, for example, earn $174,000 annually.

Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the demand for political scientists is high. The growing interest of Americans in public policy and politics will result in a 21 percent job growth for political scientists. This means pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science will lead to several job openings. Besides these five jobs, the American Political Science Association also lists several other careers you could pursue.

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