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5 Lessons You Learn From Working in the Fast Food Industry

Waiting Fast Food Lessons

I can still hear the pop of the grease while it fried the chicken tenders and fries. I can still picture the commotion that occurred during breakfast, lunch, and dinner rush. I can still hear the bickering between the kitchen crew and the cashiers, and the gossip that took me back to middle school when it shouldn’t have. I would say that I can remember the smell, but that is something you get used to after a while.

The fast food industry is something a lot of teenagers enter when first starting to work. Some last, but most can’t handle it. And it’s not because it’s hard, it’s because expectations are high, and the pay rate is low. The majority of teenagers don’t need a job; they just want the extra money. So when things get too crazy, they bail. Those that do stick it out, like myself, will learn a few things. Here are 5 lessons you learn from working in the fast food industry.

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1. Multitasking

Between taking orders, taking money, repeating orders, fixing orders, answering the phone, bagging food, and handing out orders, multitasking becomes a habit. You start to get into the zone without even knowing it. Multitasking is a necessary trait to have in your career and life. It will help you manage your daily tasks with less stress.

2. Pick Your Battles

In the fast food industry, you learn pretty quickly that you can’t retaliate at everyone that gives you sass. Soon, you realize that some problems are just too small to sweat over. You should pick and choose your battles because stressing causes early wrinkles and a bad attitude. And no one likes that.

3. Poker Face

Having a bad day? Get over it because your supervisor doesn’t care. You have to be pleasant and friendly when working at a restaurant. After pretending like you care about someone else’s life at work, you become pretty good at hiding your emotions. Concealing your thoughts and feelings can be useful in the business world.

4. Restaurant Etiquette

After working in such a difficult environment; dealing with the public on a daily basis and doing the gruelling tasks that can be assigned to you, it is understandable why you may not want to return to such a tiring occupation. Also, you never want to make others feel the way you felt while you worked in the industry. You gain a new respect for food service workers, and you strive to be polite when dealing with them.

5. More To Life

Do you want to clean bathrooms and flip burgers for the rest of your life? I think not. Working in the fast food industry motivates you to do more with your life. Whether that is going to college, traveling the world, or volunteering, you are encouraged to accomplish something in your life.

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Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working in fast food. Obviously, you can learn plenty of life lessons that are beneficial. It is what you decide to do with those lessons that matter. Flip those burgers and fry those fries, but don’t forget about your dreams.

Do you currently or have you ever worked in the fast food industry? What was your experience like? Your thoughts and comments below please...


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