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WEB & TECH / FEB. 17, 2014
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5 More Useful Sites for Marketing Your Blog

Last time I shared some free and simple to use sites which can help promote your blog and widen your readership. Described below are a few more useful sites which you may not have known about previously and provide an alternative to only using social media when marketing your blog or website.


Bloglovin’ is useful for bloggers and readers alike. It allows users to find popular blogs on a variety of different topics from travel to interior design. Users are also notified whenever their favourite pages are updated with new posts. What’s particularly handy about this site is the fact that it works across all devices including computers, phones and tablets. There’s even an app and a Chrome extension, as well as follow buttons and counters which can be added to your site. Share your blog with this community to gain exposure.


This site features over a million registered blogs and is useful in boosting your blog’s traffic. It works in a similar way to Bloglovin’ but has the added feature of automatically publishing your posts to Twitter and Facebook. This means less work for you and so will make your life easier. They have recently produced a sister product called Symphony which allows you to manage social media accounts and publish your blogs on platforms such as Facebook as large eye-catching pictures.


This is a very interesting tool which works directly with Twitter in order to better engage with your audience. It has some key features which allow you to find potential followers within your target audience, monitor your competitors and optimise your use of hashtags and keywords. It also allows users to keep up with all of their interactions, keep track of influencers and identify the best time to tweet.


MailChimp is a great e-mail marketing service. It lets you import contacts and helps generate new subscribers with mobile signup forms. You can then design a great e-mail using their software, targeting your full list of contacts or only people within a specific catchment area for example. And as a bonus will provide free reports which monitor activity, display revenue, outline goals and can even be integrated with Google Analytics.


Botw stands for Best of the Web, meaning that this site is a directory for the best blogs out there. Categories include Arts, Business, Computers, Sports and more meaning that there is a wide range of interests catered to. Submitting your blog to the site directory means increased visibility and there’s a 30-day free trial to be taken advantage of.

The services provided by these sites aren’t all free but may be well worth the investment considering the fantastic features and amount of business they’ll return.


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