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5 Most Annoying Things People Do On Twitter

Annoying Things on Twitter
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It is estimated that approximately 6,000 tweets are sent out every single second. That’s a lot of tweets to sift through, especially as a lot of them are superfluous, irksome, annoying and irrelevant. But that’s Twitter for you, the land of letting the world know the hourly intricacies of your daily life.  

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If you’re reading this article, then it’s quite likely that you have a Twitter account - don’t feel bad it seems everyone has one these days, even if it’s never accessed. Moreover, if you’re on Twitter, then it’s highly probable that many of the mannerisms, phrases and actions in the social media outlet are annoying.

You’re not alone.

There’s a wide spectrum of things that are cringeworthy on Twitter. Anything from sharing a photo of your meal to incorporating a hashtag into each word in your tweet, we’re all guilty of doing something that may prompt others to roll their eyes.

Here are five of the most annoying things you do on Twitter:

1. Hashtagging Every Word

#Today my #friends and #I are #running to #better our #physical #fitness. 

In order to start a conversation or participate in one, a hashtag is required. However, when a hashtag precedes nearly every single word that you write, then it’s more obnoxious than engaging. Moving forward, lay off the excessive hashtagging and use it sparingly.

2. Tweeting Everything You Do (even eat)

Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up, eat food, go to the bathroom, watch Netflix and go back to bed. That’s the life! Oh, and here is a picture of the food I’m going to eat. 

Twitter users aren’t the only ones who are subjected to ridicule for this behavior of constantly updating people about your food, your trip to the bathroom or nap. Ostensibly, every person in the social media universe shares the minute details of their daily lives. What’s one of the worst, however, is sharing pictures of your meal, whether it’s at the home or a restaurant. Does anyone really care that you’re imbibing oysters?

3. Rubbing in Your Fantastic Holiday

Right now, I’m just settling down on the beach, taking in the sights and drinking a Corona. 

You’re broke, you haven’t been on a vacation in eight years, and the weather outside your window is dreary. The last thing you want to come across is a friend of yours rubbing in their holiday to the Caribbean, South Pacific or Western Europe. We all know how great it can be to visit these places, so we don’t need a reminder. If you’re guilty of this, then be prepared for the scorn from your friends and family.

4. Begging for Retweets, Followers and Favorites

Hey, can anyone retweet this? Also, can someone please follow me? I’ll follow you back! 

Any professional social media marketer understands that growing an audience on Twitter is something that transpires organically. Instead of making a desperate plea for the general public to follow you on Twitter, just maintain an interesting account. This means that you should share content, engage in meaningful discussion, refrain from using many of the Twitter cliches (see below) and remain respectful. This will help grow a following rather than begging for a dedicated group of followers.

5. Tweeting Overused Internet Phrases

This! This wins the Internet. If you’re not LOLing then you’re not using Twitter properly. #Sorrynotsorry, you #fail. 

Twitter is filled with overused cliches, which are annoying in the first place. Although you may believe that you’re being funny, hip and inclusive, you’re actually turning other people off with these annoying phrases. Aside from the aforementioned, here are a few other overused Internet phrases that are prevalent across the Twitter landscape:

  • "This is why we can’t have nice things." 
  • "White people problems." 
  • *Head desk* 
  • "Just saying." 
  • "’Nuff said."

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For millennials, Twitter is an essential part of their day-to-day lives. Without it, who else is going to listen (or read) to their self-serving banter and revere their witty observations? Twitter is an interesting social media outlet because it can be a place for good (see the Arab Spring) and a place for bad (see degrading remarks made towards Curt Schilling’s daughter). Unfortunately, the small things can ruin the tweeting experience, but you just have to get used to it because these idiosyncrasies aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

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