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5 Most Popular Careers for Education Graduates

Education degrees are popular because of the flexibility offered. The classroom is not the only place it will take you. There are a variety of career options that will provide a comfortable income while impacting the lives of others. Having a master’s or doctoral degree in education opens the doors to management positions in higher education, school administration in the public or private sector, as well as careers in instructional design, special education and counselling. Each career has a distinct set of drivers which is geared to achieving relevant results.

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1. School Administration


Becoming a school principal in the public or private industry is a popular path travelled by many education graduates. Although the setting is not directly in the classroom, administrators set the curriculum expectations as well as devise extra-curricular activities for the entire student body. Using the skill sets of an administrator efficiently delivers positive results for teachers, students, families and the community.

2. Management Positions in Higher Education

Individuals interested in a position as an academic dean, registrar and director or vice president of student services or affairs will need the minimum of a master’s degree. However, in today’s climate most of these roles are served by doctoral degree holders. The first step is to secure the master’s degree at an accredited institution with a holistic and rigorous program. For example, Abilene Christian University and similar institutions offer an on-line master in higher education with an emphasis on leadership and other core directives. In addition, the program should present courses with a focus on conflict management and student affairs. Management positions in higher education can be some of the most enviable positions for education graduates.

3. Instructional Design

Another great option provided for an education degree holder is to become an instructional designer. This is also known as curriculum design. The premise is to take the theories, state and national standards and create a broad array of lessons, strategies and tactics for students. This requires the ability to take existing outlines and develop innovative components that will realize better results. While this may seem like re-inventing the wheel, it is actually providing an efficient educational experience for the student.

4. Special Education

There are students who need extra attention for a variety of reasons. Some include physical and emotional limitations, which require a trained professional to offer specialized instruction. Most special education teachers have rooms in a common area of the school as the speech pathologist.

5. School Counselor

An education graduate that becomes a school counsellor usually begins in the classroom. This would be an appropriate starting point as it gives them the information they will need in their new role. The counsellors have their own office, which can be used to create the nurturing atmosphere that is imperative for their work.

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Education continues to be included in the top ten lists of most sought after degrees. While this article reviewed opportunities in the education sector, degree holders can be found in other industries. Corporate and healthcare are also popular areas where an education graduate can excel.

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