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NETWORKING / AUG. 24, 2014
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5 Must-Attend Events for Professionals

Social campaign and event boards are an excellent way to target the right consumers in your industry. Whether it is an advertising campaign, or public relation event, thousands of such moments bring innovative minds together. A global social campaign allows you to learn how to give an edge to your business using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. You can participate in the events of choice to meet professionals in real life.

Here are the best international campaigns and events every businessman should attend to get inspiration and know the strengths of social networks:

1. Future of Marketing, Boston, USA

Future of Marketing connects technology innovators. The campaign will be held in October in USA. You can attend workshops to learn how to mix online connections with IRL networks efficiently. The attendees will have the insight learning of traditional marketing, digital marketing, product development, and the fields that relate to consumers engagement. This is going to be an influential way to bring together 100+ speakers, 60+ sessions and 2000+ attendees.

2. Rcokberfest, San Diego

If you’re ready to learn latest marketing tactics, Rcokberfest’s social media event is going to be held in October. This three-day event, filled with massive contents, hot training programs, and various networking ideas, is packed with exciting activities. The attendees will learn a lot from different workshops about how to move-on towards a successful tomorrow.

3. IGNITION: Future of Digital, New York, USA

Future of Digital is hosted by Business Insider. Its core mission is to provide the participants with the insights of emerging digital business models. As an attendee, you’ll explore the forecasts such as how to involve social networks for gaining worldwide reputation, and the interaction we can develop with the customers. You’ll also learn the intersections of technology from this campaign. The invitations are sent to top managers of Facebook, GroupM, The Huffington Post, Vice and others. You can attend the campaign if you’re the worker of a famous brand. Here the participants reveal key trends of e-commerce, digital payment, big data, and wearable technology.

4. MiLB Winter Meetings, San Diego

MiLB Winter Meetings are held in November. The purpose of every meeting is to encourage digital enthusiasts to meet the professionals, and share their experiences with each other. You can present your services and products in the form of presentations to participants. Several simultaneous meetings jot down the ideas and innovative thoughts of the attendees on a paper to help you pave your way towards a successful business.

5. INBOUND’s Inspiring Event

Join the INBOUND group to drive your skills. Its inspiring event brings together the successful business leaders, and educates you to transform the business. This September, the company will host hundreds of marketing and sales professionals from around the globe. Through inspiring keynotes, amazing communications, hands-on lessons, and workshops you’ll learn how to become a successful professional, and inspire from company’s remarkable contents.

It is finally clear that professionals cannot achieve their desired goals until they learn the insights of business tactics. The purpose of all these events and campaigns is to provide a platform to interact with the finest leaders in business worlds and expand your routes.

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