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5 Must Have WordPress Video Chat Plugins

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Video chat has become an increasingly popular way of communication for many people. It allows you to interact face to face with your team, fans, colleagues or customers from any corner of the globe as long as you have internet connection. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins which enable you to create and manage video chat on your site.

Top 5 WordPress Video Chat Plugins:

1. Vidtok Live Video Chat

Vidtok is the best plugin for anyone who wants to offer appointments or consultations to a worldwide audience. It allows you to embed video chat on any page of your site, or even place it as a pop-up. This intuitive and user friendly plugin boasts a professional look and feel. Besides the video chat screen, Vidtok also comes with a chat box where you can type messages to your audience. Though it is compatible with smartphones and tablets, this plugin only works on the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

2. VideoWhisper

If you want to offer your audience webinars or carry out interactive meetings, the VideoWhisper plugin is the right solution for you. It allows you to create a video feed for multiple people at the same time. In addition, you can integrate your pages and assign moderators. One of the best features of this plugin is a chat box that allows participants to share documents with each other. This makes collaboration on projects very easy and fast, saving you the trouble of having to send files via email. 

3. VeriShow

When it comes to business, customer service is a very important element. VeriShow is an ideal video chat plugin for people who want to carry out customer care efficiently. It allows you to offer very personalized attention to your customers regardless of where they are situated. When a customer has a problem, you can use the screen sharing option to guide them step by step. In addition, it gives you the option of having your chat as a sidebar or a popup. If you want to check out the plugin before buying, you can VeriShow offers a two-week trial period. The more advanced package comes with features such as form filling, co-browsing, basic branding and customer documenting.

4. Skype Master

This is an awesome, easy to use plugin for Skype users. It allows you to show your availability by adding buttons to your WordPress site. In addition, you can add buttons to activate a chat session with the premium version. The Skype Master premium version also allows you to add buttons that your visitors can use to leave a voice mail, send a file or add you as a contact.

5. Video Chat Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate your WordPress site to AVChat, a video chat program. Once installed, it allows your visitors engage through private chat rooms, live audio, text chat in public, music, emoticons and videos. Video Chat Plugin is BuddyPress compatible and can be integrated with Twitter and Facebook.

Whether your video chat needs are complex or simple, you will find a plugin that is a good fit for your site.

Do you currently use video chat on your WordPress site? Do you find it easy and that it adds value to your business? Your thoughts and comments in the section below please...

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