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New Dating Apps for the Busy Professional

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Since 2005, one in ten Americans, who is single and seeking a relationship, has used a dating site or app. During the last eight years, the number of people who have gone out on a date with an individual that they met online has grown by 66%. These statistics show an increase in the usage of dating sites or apps as a means to find that perfect someone to date. This article will showcase some of the new dating apps that have recently emerged which may not yet be familiar to a vast majority of people.

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1. The League

The League recently launched out of a home base in San Francisco. The basic premise behind this app is for high achievers to find their other half of a “power couple”. The app tagline is ‘Date. Intelligently’. The app currently has approximately 80,000 users, and members range from professionals in various fields as well as executives, CEOs and founders. One benefit that busy professionals will appreciate is that the site remains classy and your profile stays hidden from your business contacts, colleagues and friends. You don’t have to worry about the entire office finding out that you are using the app. The team at The League understands how busy today’s professionals are so they created this app to take the guesswork out of your personal matchmaking experience. Basically, you input your dating preferences into the app and the team does the matchmaking for you. Not only do you receive a match compatible to you, but you also benefit from a strict vetting process. The prospective match’s social media “life” is fully vetted prior to being matched to you.

2. The Dating Lounge

The Dating Lounge is an iOS app that was launched by founder and matchmaker Samantha Daniels in January 2015. This app is available for users via invite only. However, new members are able to join if they receive prior approval from another user of the app. Ms. Daniels categorizes her members as “high-end affluent influencers.” One benefit that users may appreciate is that members can become a matchmaker for one another. For example, if you find a prospect whom you feel is more of a match for your friend, you can refer this individual to him or her. Additionally, if you are chatting with a prospective match and you feel the need to eliminate the ambiguity from the situation, you can ask friends who are members to provide a reference point on this prospect.

3. happn

happn may just be one of the most intriguing apps mentioned in this article. It launched in Paris in 2014 and has since caught on worldwide. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. The basic idea behind this app is that the real experience occurs offline. For example, you may have seen this attractive girl several times in the coffee shop that you frequent, but you haven’t yet gotten up the courage to talk to her. This app has set out to change that. The app uses current geolocation to alert you when you have crossed paths with people (who are also users) who have caught your interest in real life. When you cross paths with someone you’ve been crushing on, the person’s profile shows up. If you are still interested in this individual, you press the heart button. To save everyone’s time on useless infatuation, this prospective match does not know you pressed the heart button unless he or she also is interested in you. If this person is also crushing on you, they’ll be notified and you can also send out a charm notification to get the romance blooming. The main purpose is to connect people who have already crossed paths in real life.

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If you are a busy professional and have used one of these dating apps or one that was not mentioned in this list, we’d love to hear about your experiences… and whether or not any romance has started.

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