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SOCIAL MEDIA / OCT. 19, 2014
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5 New Facebook Guidelines You Need to Know About

Many companies are unaware of guidelines set forth by Facebook when it comes to maintaining an account with the social media network. Facebook can and does send out warning notifications for breaking these guidelines as the network wants its account holders to have a pleasant experience. It is important to check the guidelines often as Facebook does have frequent guidelines changes. Some of which are not publicized immediately.

Click Baiting

Facebook has a tool in place that monitors how long its users spend on links clicked in postings. Those that spend more than a minute or two on a link tell the social media network that the content is legitimate. When a user immediately closes out an opened link, it states that something is wrong. This is known as click bating and is against Facebook guidelines.

Like Gating

Many companies require that those entering contests and giveaways like their page. This is called like bating in an effort to gain more followers for posts and advertisements to reach. Users can now filter out what they see in their feeds, so making them like your page doesn’t do anything for businesses anymore.

Facebook has put guidelines in place that companies can no longer force consumers to “like their page” in order to participate in contests and giveaways.

No Scraping IDs

This guideline applies only to those that use Facebook Power Editor. What this used to do was target a specific audience based upon wording in email addresses, area codes, specific numbers in phone numbers and specific inclusions in ID names. Some companies used bots to “scrape” or scan IDs so that posts were specifically put into their feeds, unasked and unwanted.

Facebook has taken this away as many consumers have complained about seeing advertisements in their feeds that are offensive, uninteresting and those that are against personal beliefs.

Trending Topics

This new algorithm is both good and bad. It is good for those that are too busy to stay apprised on the world’s happenings. What this does is show trending topics in your feed that others in your friends list are sharing and talking about. This is merely an attempt to engage more users in conversation while spreading the word about those trending topics.

Now, Facebook has a ticker along the right side of Facebook user newsfeeds. This lets users opt to read the content or completely ignore it. Meta data or a brief excerpt is included so that consumers can see what the story is about. When someone on your friends list likes or comments on a trending topic, it will show in your feed with the word “trending” on top of their name.

Auto Post Apps

This is a positive update regarding Facebook. If you remember seeing every game your friends play or everything they’ve viewed or commented on and have been annoyed, rest assured knowing that this is diminishing more and more but at a slow rate. Users want to see things actually posted by their friends, not that they beat someone else at a game. Facebook understands and has put the necessary action in place making it happen.

It is important that you stay up-to-date on changes to Facebook policies and their updates. Most of the general public doesn’t know a thing about the changes because they ignore stories about the items. Some users are not thrilled about some of the changes, but it is all in an effort to make the user experience what the user wants. It is also in an effort to help companies properly market their business and have a positive reaction from consumers. 

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