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5 Reasons Freelancing is Not for Everyone

You’ve all read the blogs and heard the gurus. Freelancing is a golden path where you get to work from home in your pajamas all day. While this sounds fantastic, it does have its drawbacks, as every job does.

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Think you’re ready to start the freelance lifestyle?

We’re going to discuss five of the reasons why this isn’t necessarily the ideal option for you.


1. You Demand a Stable Income

Freelancers have to accept that their income is going to fluctuate constantly. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about this. Some months you’ll make a huge amount of money, and some months you’ll make absolutely nothing. For the seasoned freelancer, this is perfectly fine.

If you have children and regular large bills to pay, freelancing (especially in the beginning) may be a poor financial choice. If you’re unable to deal with an unstable income, this is definitely not the profession for you.

2. You Want to Keep Professional and Personal Separate

Anyone who owns their own business knows that it takes over their life. They’ll have to take calls at unsociable hours and you can’t just log off and go home at 5pm. You’re going to have to put your all into this, and that means mixing your personal and professional life together.

If you’re unwilling to commit to this, you’re not going to last in this business long. You’d be better off finding a conventional job that allows you some time away from the office life.

3. You Don’t Like Bossing People Around

Some people simply aren’t born to lead. There’s nothing wrong with this and it doesn’t make you hopeless. It’s a matter of not enjoying taking the responsibility entirely on your shoulders. Freelancers don’t have anyone breathing down their necks. They have to be self-starters and they have to be motivated enough to both plan and execute their schemes in full.

This is stressful and not everyone can take this level of stress on. Freelancing is an industry where you have to be willing to deal with large amounts of stress, and unfortunately there’s no getting away from it.

4. You Have a Full Personal Life

A chaotic personal life isn’t conducive to a successful career as a freelancer. For example, you may be caring for someone who’s disabled. You may be going through some messy divorce proceedings. You might have health problems you have to take care of.

All these are examples of things that are difficult to deal with. Adding in the complexity of freelancing isn’t a good idea. It can make everything worse. Take out all the vacation days, the flexibility of going home at the end of the day, and benefits like health insurance and ask yourself whether you could cope or not.

5. Your Dream Job Doesn’t Need to be a Freelance Business

Ultimately, work is about accomplishing your dreams and getting a job that you actually love. Not everyone wants or need to be a freelancer. Someone who wants to be a doctor can operate under someone else and be perfectly happy with his or her life, but can’t cope with organizing his own time and projects.

Think about what you really want to do and whether it requires you to be a freelancer in the first place, or else you are getting yourself into unnecessary trouble.

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Freelancing is a Big Step

If your decision isn’t hampered by this article, and you are still convinced you want to enter the world of freelancing, it’s wise to start on a part-time basis. Begin gathering some clients in your time off. Work a few hours a night and see if it pays enough. Don’t make the mistake of giving up everything immediately or you could find yourself in a dire personal and professional situation.

You need to seriously think about this and determine whether it’s the best move for both you and your family.

Have you always wanted to become a freelancer? Have you thought about what you want to freelance in? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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