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5 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Life isn’t perfect, as we all know very well, and no job is perfect either. Even the best employees who are at the top of their career game can find fault with their positions and responsibilities, and sometimes they believe it’s simply time to move on. Their bosses may be scratching their heads in confusion as to why their number one worker would even consider leaving the company when they were doing so well, but it’s a reality of work life that even the best employees feel the need to resign. Read on to find out the top 5 reasons that even good employees quit.

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1. They've outgrown the position

We perform the same tasks day in and day out, no matter what job we have or what field we work in. Sure, some days are different – sometimes we go out for lunch, have a client meeting at a nearby coffee shop, or are attending an event or conference halfway across the city. But for the most part, your days are pretty similar at your job. When you get super bored and reach a point where you want more to do, that’s when you will feel the need to tell your boss it’s time for you to move on.

Unfortunately, even if we think that we deserve a higher position, better pay or a lot more on our work plates, our bosses might not agree. So even though they know that you’ve done a lot for the company, they might not be so inclined to promote you at this point in time. You have to look out for yourself and your goals. You know when it’s time to go, so trust your gut and your instincts.

2. They've outgrown the company itself

This is especially an issue with small companies. A small work environment is great in some ways and not so great in others. It can be easier to agree on things and get stuff done with fewer people working in an office, and a close-knit family atmosphere can give you the incentive to want to come to work every day. But if you have big dreams and want to truly make it to the top of your game in your industry, there comes a time when you might just simply have outgrown the company. It’s like the popular dating line “it’s not you, it’s me” – except, in this case, it’s not you, it’s the company.

If you’re thinking of leaving for bigger, greener pastures, it’s most likely because you’ve exhausted your options at your current company. Maybe you’ve even asked your boss or manager for a promotion or greater responsibilities. They could say it just isn’t possible because the company is so small that there are enough workers handling everything already, and that’s when the size of the place is a detriment to your success. Your boss may be confused that you’re leaving when it seems like such a good thing, but this is one reason that you may need to quit.

3. They're leaving the industry entirely

When we’re growing up, we study hard in high school so we can get into a good university. Then in university we hit the books in the hopes of getting a good post-college job. We figure that once we’re set up in a good job, we’ll never leave it, or if we do it’ll be for a bigger, better, higher-paying position. Not so fast. Sometimes good employees quit because they’re planning to leave the industry and do something completely different. That’s why the lawyer who made partner last month is now blissfully happy studying to become a yoga or pilates teacher. Or the elementary school English teacher is now a full-time author. In this case, the employees were definitely top notch, they just felt the need to do something else for their health and happiness.

Another trendy thing to do if you’re in your 20s or 30s? Quitting your amazing full-time job to travel the world, or your country, or at least a few countries at a time. Call it wanderlust or a desperate need to get inspired – whatever you want to call it, there’s no stopping you if this is what you want to do. You might come back a few months later and end up working in the exact same industry, or you might end up moving elsewhere. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to this kind of employee.

4. They're angry

A major reason that people leave their jobs, even when times seem to be extremely good? Anger. Working full-time means, for better or worse, dealing with other people, and often an altercation with a fellow worker or even a boss can lead to even the best employees deciding to quit. Maybe a junior person circulated an email asking for a meeting and left out the most important person who should have definitely been included. That person then found out, got angry, tried to make the boss or at least a more senior employee see what was going on, and when that didn’t occur, they stayed mad and quit. Weird situations happen, unfortunately, and sometimes it’s just not the right fit for you anymore, even though you love what you do and you always loved the office environment.

This kind of thing is why people say that they absolutely adore the people that they work with, so it makes up for even the worst job. The office environment is super important to your quality of life at work.

5. They hate the boss

When you think about it, your manager is the most important person in your working life – or even your life, considering how much time you spend with your butt in that desk chair, staring at your computer screen. It turns out that a major reason for employees leaving their positions is their boss. It’s never realistic or even professional to expect to be best friends with the person above you, but you do want to be civil and at least polite to each other. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as we all know all too well. Some bosses are just impossible to work for. Think Meryl Streep’s feared character in The Devil Wears Prada. You’d definitely quit if you were working for someone like that, right?

If your boss is always rude, in a bad mood, refuses to see the good work that you’re putting in, and never throws you any praise at all, you’re going to struggle to succeed. You’re always going to be insecure about your position and wondering if you’re doing something wrong. In short, you’ll wonder what you did to make your boss hate you so much. In reality, though, you did nothing at all – you were just doing your job, and you’re awesome at it. There’s just no pleasing some people.

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If you can relate to any of these 5 reasons that even good employees quit their jobs, maybe it’s time to give in your two weeks’ notice. Is your boss a crazy person? Are you finding it hard to get over a situation with another employee? Do you want to pack your bags, sell your belongings and travel the world, or are you itching for more responsibility? If you’re unhappy, even the fact that you’re doing amazing work for the company will never be enough, so it’s best to cut your losses and move on.

So, which of these reasons can you relate to?

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