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SOCIAL MEDIA / JAN. 04, 2015
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5 Reasons Why the Facebook Groups App is Amazing

The Facebook Groups App is a new invention from Facebook. The biggest social network in the world identified a need for people to interact with groups on the go. And so we have this. It allows you to use a cool new interface to easily communicate with any group you’re a member of. Apparently, the Facebook community has given this the biggest ‘like’ they could muster because 70 million people now use it.

If you’re not yet convinced about the power of this app, here are five reasons why you need to alter your thinking:

#1 The Interface

The biggest change you’ll notice from the conventional Facebook app is the interface. The interface takes inspiration from the Apple iPod. You get a list of rounded icons that looks very much like a desktop. One press of a finger and you’re away. It evokes simplicity, and that’s what makes it so great to use.

#2 Easy Engagement

Engagement doesn’t actually change. You still type and communicate as you would direct from the Facebook site itself. What makes engaging so easy is the speed of the app. However, Facebook has reduced the number of steps it takes to do basic tasks, such as ‘liking’ posts, commenting and sharing content across your news feed.

You can do most tasks within a matter of minutes. In some ways, it’s faster than attempting to complete the same tasks on a conventional desktop computer.

#3 Receive Notifications

Using the same icons as you’d find on the interface, you can receive notifications. Okay, this isn’t exactly different from the Facebook web experience, but it’s different from a lot of Facebook ads that display a minimal amount of notifications. The way it presents notifications in a handy list makes it incredibly easy to manage large amounts of notifications. If you’re running a business and need to see all the notifications you have over the course of a day or so, this app makes it easy.

#4 Find New Groups

We’re always looking for new groups we can join and benefit from. The Facebook Groups App recognised this need and addressed it. You can click the ‘Discover’ button, and Facebook will bring up a list of groups based on your activity levels. Admittedly, new users will find this less useful than veteran users, but once you’ve built up a solid pattern of activity, it’s surprisingly accurate.

There are no real limits on how many groups you can join. You can join and leave groups as you please. We recommend not receiving notifications from too many at once, though. Even this app will struggle to order your notifications effectively if you’re getting hundreds of them every hour.

#5 Push Notifications

Push notifications is an option you can select on the app. If selected, this will automatically notify you within the app whenever something relevant happens to you. It isn’t as accurate and as specific as some people would like, but it’s useful if you’re desperately waiting for someone to reply to a comment you wrote.

Don’t worry about it becoming an annoyance. It only works within the app itself. It doesn’t have permission to set off your phone’s ringtone.

Overall, these are just five reasons why 70 million people have determined this app is for them. It makes managing Facebook easier than ever before. Anyone who wants to succeed in the world of business should consider using it to keep in touch with their business connections. It’s a great help when you don’t have time to fiddle around with the original Facebook app, which many people would agree has become incredibly outdated.


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