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5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Right After College

For most people, leaving college is a terrifying step into the wider world, in which they feel pressured to make the right business choice, at the right time. Some people who are luckier than others, are able to travel the world, but inevitably, most of us end up panicking for a few years and rather than following our dream, wind up in a job because it pays well, putting our future plans on the backburner.

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It turns out, however, that the time directly after college could be the best chance you have of shining, professionally speaking. Increasing numbers of people are turning their back on the corporate world and investing in their own dreams as soon as they hit their early 20s, many are carving a name for themselves. It might seem terrifying, but launching a business directly after college could actually be the smartest thing that you could do. Not only will it enhance your chances of success down the road but it could also make your professional name at this moment in time. In today’s business world, you’re never too young to make a splash in the career of your choice and if you hadn’t already thought about producing your own company, you’re probably about to.

1. You’re Already Really Smart

While, of course, it’s very possible to learn many things later in life, the fact is that at the peak of your college career, you’re as smart as you’re ever going to be. Years spent completing long essays and carrying around research tomes really do make their mark and even though you might feel completely wiped out, you probably remember a great deal more than you can imagine. Striking while the iron’s hot, so to speak, will benefit your fledgling business tremendously and creating something whilst your mind is still relatively malleable will ensure that you make the most of your business potential.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires that you keep your wits about you, and entering with as sharp a mind as possible will really serve you well later down the line. There is not a better time in which to profit from the sheer amount of information at your fingertips and apply it to a new venture. Make use of your education and invest it in something for the future.

2. You Have Fewer Commitments

Although you might feel as if you have already entered the adult world, the fact is that you’re still incredibly young after you leave college. As a result, it’s much more likely that you have relatively few commitments in your life which might prevent you from following your dream. While businesses certainly can and do take off later in life, the more time and attention you can focus on a new venture, the better it is likely to turn out to be.

At the same time, having few things to which you have to commit can serve you really well should anything go wrong. While we all dream that our business will become an international success, the fact is that many do not go how their founders envisaged they would. Having as few ties as possible to other important things in life will make your own future much less uncertain should anything go wrong down the line. Starting with a slightly less than successful business can teach you a huge number of things for the future and if you don’t have that much to lose, it’s much more likely that you will be able to pick up the pieces and take the plunge once more.

3. You Can Work Anywhere

working by the beach

The term “digital nomad” is one that is becoming increasingly lucrative in the professional world and more than ever, people dream of being to work wherever they wish to be around the globe. Starting your own business and becoming your own boss means that you have the freedom to work where you wish, following whatever industry takes your fancy. Better yet, many businesses rely on digital communication and updates, meaning that, so long as you have your computer on you, you’re good to go.

The freedom to work wherever you like can also spell incredible things for your business’ potential. Access to increasingly diverse and varied professional industries increases your chances of success a huge amount; the more that you put yourself out there, the more likely it is that someone will take the bait and invest in your vision.

Later in life, it is much more difficult to travel the world, and it is something that the majority of workers regret having overlooked earlier in their careers. Taking advantage of your professional and personal freedom will serve you incredibly well down the line and might just be the start of an entirely new way of living.

4. You Can Become Financially Stable


Of course, leaving college in mountains of debt is no-one’s idea of a good time and for the most part, young graduates tend to take the first job that comes along just because it pays well. While beginning in a new business might not bring in piles of money initially, over time, it can be a much more financially secure and lucrative way to live. If you follow the right business plan, new companies can easily be pivoted into steady money making schemes, bringing you a solid income and enabling you further financial flexibility down the line.

With the international economy at its most changeable for years, younger generations must look for alternative ways in which to secure their financial future, especially if many government-led schemes look set to dry out. Starting a new business might seem like an intimidating way in which to enter the working world but, done right, it can spell fruitful things down the line.

5. You’re Not Attached to Money

On the other hand, leaving college as a relatively poor graduate can have its benefits, too. Being in a position in which your life is not dictated by your ingoings and outgoings can give you the sense of freedom that is required in order to really make a go of things in the professional world. Ironically, having little access to money tends to mean that you don’t become so fixated on financial gain and worth and that you can instead focus on the project that really inspires you. Similarly, if you manage to make it big, you will also not have to worry about money, enabling your business to really remain a passion project, rather than something that is merely paying the bills.

As well as this, being relatively poor means that you don’t have the same kind of expectations as someone who has recently left a lucrative career in order to follow their dreams. Making any money in the early stages can be enough of a blessing and anything on top of that will only be a bonus. Soon, your business will begin to grow and as it does, your relationship to it and to the money which you make will remain relatively stable.

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While starting a new business is something that many people dream of, very few choose to make it a reality. Entering the corporate world following your college career can seem like the smart thing to do and while it certainly fills a gap in your 20s, it may lead to dissatisfaction and regret further down the line. Plunging into a new business as soon as you graduate might not seem like the best idea but if you think about it, you might be surprised at the kinds of ways it can prove to be hugely beneficial. If you’ve got an idea, go for it; there’s nothing to lose.

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