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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 28, 2014
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Put Off Your Job Search During The Holidays

Let’s be honest, how many times did you say “I’ll wait until after the holidays to search for jobs”? Sure, staying in the job-hunt trenches is the last thing you feel like doing over the festive Christmas days, but you need to think again. There are many reasons why you should not freeze your job search during the holidays. You are mistaken if you believe that employers are not looking for talent during this period.   But it’s not just this, the Christmas holidays are an especially good time to step up your job-seeking efforts. Here are 5 reasons why:

Companies are gearing up for the next year

Since the Christmas recess falls on the last quarter of the year, companies take advantage of that time to project needs for the coming year. They are considering how to meet their goals and refine strategies which could possibly involve expansion which in turn translates into hiring new staff. Use networking to understand what challenges they face and what they are looking for. Also, take some time to prepare an elevator pitch in which you will present how you will go about solving their problems and overcoming their challenges.

Many seasonal jobs turn into long-term opportunities

Part of many companies’ talent strategy is turning the best seasonal workers into permanent staff. The year-end rush usually gives retailers the opportunity to test each other and figure out if a position is a good fit. Toys ‘R’ Us Inc. for example the retailer expects to add 800,000 seasonal staffers this year and 40% will stay on as permanent staff. Looking for seasonal jobs during the holidays is definitely worth the effort!

The candidate pool is smaller

The numbers are in your favour because generally speaking, jobseekers are in a sluggish mode during the holiday season and put their job search on hold. Less competition from other candidates means less competition for interview slots and more attention to you of course. While others are focused on the season, get ahead of the hiring game, polish your resume, have your LinkedIn profile ready, set Google alerts for openings in your preferred industry and be on the lookout for emerging trends, job openings and other opportunities in your sector.

Opportunities to network are abundant  

Think about it: What other time of the year will you come across company executives, industry leaders, partners and key decision-makers all in one room? Holidays are a prime networking time. Take this time as an opportunity to reconnect with past business associates, former colleagues, potential partners and other social networks, and offer to meet for coffee or after-work activities. Ask hiring managers what their growth and recruitment goals are for 2015 and be sure to prepare a 30-second pitch that makes an engaging case for the value you bring to them and ensure you stay on their radar for new opportunities.

Continuing your job search helps you maintain momentum

Usually, it can in fact take more energy when taking a break and then trying to pick up again at a later point than just sticking with it. In addition to this, continuing your job search over the holidays, demonstrates that you are serious about finding employment and willing to persevere when situations are more challenging.

Searching for jobs might not be one of your first priorities in your Christmas to-do list, but ramping up your search during the end-of-year holiday season could help you stay on top of the game and make your career goals come true, whereas other lazy jobseekers will  just follow. 


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