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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should NOT Use Google AdWords

There’s no doubt that employing search engine marketing (SEM) techniques can help many companies grow, but using Google AdWords for advertising your business might not prove to be as effective as you hoped. 

Here are 5 reasons why your business advertising budget might be better spent elsewhere.

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1. What's Your Business?

People generally use search engines in order to look for something specific in order to find what they want as quickly as possible. If you’re selling a new product or offering a service that’s brand new in the marketplace, the odds of people searching for it on Google are likely to be very low.

Clearly, spending money on an advertising campaign based around words that no-one is likely to search for is a total waste of time and money.

2. Competing With The Big Boys

An auction between advertisers determines the AdWords adverts that appear for each search. For example, if the major players in your particular field bid £10 each and you’re only able to afford to bid £1, you probably won’t get a single click on Google.

The big companies who can achieve large margins on their products and services will be able to simply outbid you for searches. Consequently, you’ll either get no clicks at all or will only get clicks for keywords that have been spurned by the competition. AdWords will therefore probably not be profitable for your business.

3. Are You An SEM Expert?

It’s often said that search engine marketing is very easy to do, but not so easy to do well.  If you don’t have expertise in the SEM area, you would be well-advised to invest in the services of a specialist agency.  The money you spend on their input will be recouped much more easily and quickly through an effective marketing strategy than whatever you might otherwise spend learning through trial and error.

4. Get Your Conversion Funnel Right

In order to be successful with AdWords, you must have a really great conversion funnel. That means that everything from the advert text, through to your landing page, and your checkout or subscription process must provide every customer with the confidence that you’re the right seller for them.

If your website is weak, poorly constructed and onerous for visitors to navigate, you’ll find that they just move on to a competitor who offers them a better experience. Save the money you’d waste on an AdWords campaign and use it to have your website upgraded instead.  

Make sure your website is easy on the eye, full of great fresh content and user-friendly; then you can start to think about an AdWords campaign.

5. What Incentives Can You Offer Your Visitors?

Unless you have some great offers and incentives for your customers, spending money on an AdWords campaign is a waste of time.  You can bet that at least one of your competitors will undercut your prices, offer free shipping or a two-for-one deal. If you can’t at least match them, forget it; potential customers will simply click on the next advert and check out what others have to offer instead.

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In order to run a successful AdWords campaign that’s worth the spend; you must be able to compete with your competition. Are your margins right? Is your website the best it can be? Do you have the right incentives to draw customers away from others in your sector? Until you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, a Google AdWords campaign is probably not right for your business.

Do you use Google Adwords in your business? How effective do you find it? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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