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5 Reasons You Should Still Network Even with a Job Offer

After landing a job offer, many people assume that it is no longer necessary to network. However, effective and recurrent networking is very important for the growth of your career. Here are some of the reasons why you should continue to network despite getting a job offer:

1. Professional Growth

Networks are very important for your professional growth. When you get a new job, networking can help you connect with people who can give you valuable advice and feedback. You can start by networking with people who have worked in a similar position for a longer time. This will help you settle in your job faster and protect you from making mistakes. It would also be advisable to find a mentor who you can help in your career progression. Another great way of networking is by joining professional associations. This gives you the opportunity to make valuable contacts with other professionals in your industry.

2. Friendship Benefits

Besides the professional benefits, networking is also an opportunity to make friends. The workplace can be a very lonely and stressful place, especially if you are newly employed. It is therefore very important to have friends who are there for you. Such friends will be there to listen to your ideas and give you suggestions. In addition, they will be available when you just need someone to laugh or cry with you. You can make friends by networking within and outside your organization.

3. Positive Influence

It is a fact that you end up becoming like the people you associate with. When you network, it allows you to build relationships with people who share your goals and values. When you spend time with people who have positive values, their associations, world view, habits and attitudes will eventually rub off on you. This will keep you motivated and enhance your performance at work.      

4. Raises Your Profile

One of the major advantages of networking is visibility. For instance, when you frequently attend social and business events, other professionals in your industry will begin noticing you. By offering useful tips of information, you will build a reputation as a supportive, reliable and well informed person. As people begin to recognize you as an expert, it enhances your chances of getting a promotion or referrals.    

5. Jobs Don’t Last Forever

When you get a job, it would be foolish to assume that you will work at the same position forever. Nowadays, it is a fact that most jobs don’t last for more than five years. This means that during your career, you might need to look for a job again several times. Therefore, to enhance your chances for success, you will need to continue networking. However, don’t just get in touch with the people in your network only when you need them. Instead, connect with them on a regular basis via phone, a note or email. Congratulate them on their achievements and send greetings during holidays. This way, they will be more willing to help out when you are looking for a new job.

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These are just some of the reasons why you should continue networking after getting a job offer. It is always important to keep that in mind, and not sit back as soon as you get a new job or even a job opportunity.

Do you tend to do this yourself? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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