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5 Rules for Today's Workplace

The workplace is ever changing and as the digital era starts settling in our work lives we must ask ourselves: how has the workplace changed and what can we do to follow the new trends? Negative habits of the past such as discrimination and bullying are constantly being let go of as managers across the world realize that it’s in their hands to instill a fair workplace where every individual is embraced.

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The reality however is that if we want to see the workplace move forward we need to take matters into our own hands and start making the most of our interactions with one another. Abiding by the rules is rarely amongst our priorities at work, but if you want to embrace workplace culture these are the rules that make up today’s workplace that you should be living by.

1. Answer Your Calls in the Break Room

cellphone at work

There used to be a time when your after-work life was literally left outside work because of how impossible it was to get hold of your significant other or best friend when at work. However, things are different today, with our mobiles becoming the extensions of our hands, it’s hard to let go of your personal life when you are at work and this why you probably feel that you should take call after call when you are comfortably sitting at your desk.

Your colleagues, however, may find this rude as it’s distracting and it can disturb their work. Make sure to walk out of shared work spaces when you need to answer your calls in order to ensure that your colleagues will keep on being the working bees that they are.

2. Stay Home When You Are Sick

I know that sometimes we have so much work to get done that they’d have to drag us dead off our desks before we willingly stayed home, however that’s not very considering of others. When you are sick, stay at home because germs travel and before long they turn into an epidemic and the whole office is down with the flu. Of course, you may say that there was never a time when it was appropriate to go to work while sick, but today there are way more germaphobes than ever before, plus with Web MD boomarked on everyone’s browser you wouldn’t want to spread panic, right?

3. Stay Politically Correct at All Times


I know that you probably mean well and you probably do think that the joke you just read on the internet is a real crack, but if it can insult anyone make sure to keep it to yourself. It’s not that people are more sensitive these days, they’ve always been sensitive when insulted, the difference is that we are now supposedly more respectful of other people’s feelings and you should never be that person who doesn’t think twice before saying something hurtful.

4. Never Bother Anyone With Work Stuff After Work

I’m sure you know that you shouldn’t be taking work home, but if you still do, make sure that you don’t intrude anyone else’s life with work. Never call your boss or a colleague to specify something if they are not in the office. Respect their lives and understand that work related issues should only be discussed at work. Make sure to never call or email or text a colleague who’s off to help with a work task because nobody wants to be bothered with work when they are on vacation. Respect other people’s lives and make it a point to respect your life as well.

5. Stay Off Social Media Sites When at Work

woman at work

Social media has definitely invaded our lives and I know that scrolling down your Facebook feed is second nature to you, but you should still never go on your social media accounts when at work. Think of it as reading a magazine at work, you wouldn’t do that, would you? Likewise you shouldn’t use social media at work. It might be harder for your boss to notice, but it’s still a distraction and it makes you unproductive so stay off social media until you leave work.

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The workplace is being reshaped as we speak and whether we’ll soon be working next to robots or whether we’ll need to wait awhile for that to happen, it’s important to stick to the rules of today’s workplace as they help make everyone, including ourselves, happier.     

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