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5 Side Hustles That Are Worth the Work

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Let’s face it; if you’re most people, you’re probably not making the sort of money you want to. The pressures of everyday life and the financial responsibilities that come with being an adult are taxing – pun intended. If you’re working a job that doesn’t require a university degree or if you’re currently in your first couple years of employment post-graduating (or if you’re simply trying to get by – a lot of us are), it’s probably not raining cash for you. It’s a frustrating thing when half your pay check is immediately swallowed by bills and the other half disappears amidst your basic survival needs (gas, food, the occasional restaurant). Have you ever wondered what you could do outside of work to generate some income? Better yet, if it’s possible to have a side hustle that generates steady income? Good news: it’s certainly possible. Good news again: we’re going to highlight a few ways you can delve into a side hustle and start earning with a bit of freelance work.

1. Drive

So, to get on with what you can start doing in your off-hours between your 9-to-5, let’s start with driving. This is by far the easiest and most accessible side hustle (in many people’s opinions) because of convenience and skill. It’s safe to assume you know how to drive and that you’re not a felon… so you’re qualified for the job as it stands. Conveniently, many of the big transportation companies like Uber and Lyft have work-on-your-own-time style platforms. Obviously, they incentivise their riders via promotions (usually based on ride-count and time on the road) but there’s no restriction to how much you can or can’t work. In essence, you’re not an employee. It’s a perfect tool if you commute to make some money on your way home and fill in a few weekend hours to generate income.

2. Sell Online

Another offline side hustle is buying and selling on eBay or Amazon. Depending on what sort of product you’re selling, both of those platforms can be a seller’s market. Although generating a profit here does require a bit of skill and a keen eye for evaluating certain products, there are many people that make a living solely off selling on these two platforms. From old phones, items from thrift stores or yard sales and more, there’s money to be made here with relatively little work involved. Find something you think will sell, buy it (if you don’t have it already) and then list it.

3. Start Blogging

In terms of strictly online side hustles, blogging is another one that although when starting can be predominantly profitless can result in a nice pay-out. If there’s something you love or are passionate about, start a blog. Take high-quality pictures. Produce a consistent stream of content. Write articles and post about said passion. If your blog gains traction and followers, then, eventually, people can pay you to post for them or you can feature advertisements for money. But not only that: depending on how much popularity your blog obtains, there are companies that will actually offer to purchase your blog to consume your followers (an example is you create a blog about fashion, and a clothing company buys it because it complements their style of merchandise). Take Tucker Max, for example, a blog started by Tucker Max about his drunken exploits with women. It gained popularity, led to a book publishing deal and then a film written by him – all because he blogged his thoughts and stories about our hook-up culture.

4. Advertise on Your Website

Even more of an interactive online option is creating your own websites that feature AdSense or other advertising platforms. Basically, the idea here is that you create an interesting website (what works best here is websites that have a lot of content, so maybe create one after something you’re well-versed in), attract people and once they’re on your domain, every time they click on an advertisement, you get paid for it (pay-per-click). Although building a website sounds complicated, there are now tools online that serve as templates; all you do is plug in what you want and you can use this preset to start your own website. Take websites like Hoverboard Kings or Those That Drink, and you’ll see this concept at work.  In Hoverboard Kings, they feature a product and generate income by the amount of times they can get people to click their link and buy said product from another platform. In Those That Drink, the website features funny content about today’s drinking culture and the drinking games within them: when it starts gaining some real traction, it can incorporate AdSense and start generating a profit.

5. Fill Out Surveys

Another online side hustle (although not nearly as engaging as creating your own website or blogging) is filling out online surveys. Literally, that’s all you do. A website like Harris Poll Online will pay you in certain gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, etc) if you simply fill out your information and start taking their surveys which, just as it sounds, can be pretty fun. Although this may be, of all the jobs we’ve listed, the least rewarding (in more ways than one), it’s still a sort of mindless and easy way to generate some extra income. No one wants to take those things. Might as well do it. Some are very important.

There you have it. These five side hustles listed above don’t require any real dexterity, are not too time-consuming (depending on how serious you take it, of course) and can be done by just about anyone with any skillset who knows how to use the internet and drive. Even if it’s only an extra $200 a month, it can make a world of difference. As they say: every little bit counts.

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