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5 Signs it’s Time to Fire an Employee

“With great power comes great responsibility”

The above statement could not resonate the truth more than it does. All managers who are in charge of handling a team of employees go through the ups and downs of a larger responsibility being thrust on them. One of the duties that managers must complete is the hiring and firing of employees – which many are fail to successfully complete. Hiring candidates can be frustrating and difficult, whilst firing an employee proves to be a more challenging task.

The following are signs that it is time to fire an employee:

#1 Tasks are left until last minute, and are often incomplete

In the event that our employee is leaving their tasks until last minute, it is a sure sign that they are not motivated to perform well at work. Employees who don’t strive to achieve maximum productivity are a burden on the company as their work strains on other employees.

#2 Their attitude towards work is negative and they are not motivated

Employees who have a defeated and negative attitude towards their job prove to be a liability for the company. Identify individuals who are spreading the negativity and address the situation as it can have a detrimental effect on the company’s overall output.

#3 They regularly break the rules

Regularly taking an hour extra for their lunch break and arriving late for work every day are sure signs that your employee is not as dedicated as they should be. It is important to rectify the situation as other employees will begin bending the rules their way as well.

#4 They don’t work well with the team

Being a team player is the number one requirement for a number of jobs. Individuals who don’t work well with others and prefer to be left isolated are definite red flags in the department. If you do not address the situation, it is likely that projects will be delayed and deadlines will be abused.

#5 They disagree with everything, and undermine you authority

While you don’t expect everyone to agree with you, it is imperative that all your employees have respect for their superiors. Regular disagreements and shouting matches in the office are a sign of a dysfunctional and unprofessional work environment. 

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