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5 Signs that it's Time for a Job Change

Job satisfaction has almost become a fictional feeling that people long to feel but do not find. Studies show that majority of workers would consider quitting their job provided that they find another offer – a statistic that shames employee loyalty. This ready acceptance of leaving your current job for another demonstrates the treatment employees are receiving from their employer.

Whether you are ill treated or undermined at work, here are the top signs that it is time for a job change:

1. You Dread Going to Work

When you wake up in the morning, you try to think of various excuses to call in sick for work. This is a number one sign that you are unhappy in your work environment and would jump on any opportunity to skip a day. The lack of dedication and motivation towards your job clearly indicates that you are not happy in the position.

2. Your Hard Work is not recognized

Many individuals love their job and work hard; however their dedication and efforts are overlooked by management. This can essentially lead to feeling disposable and unimportant in the work environment, therefore leading to dissatisfaction in the workplace. If you feel that you are not valued at work, it is time to start looking elsewhere.

3. You are under Chaotic Management

If your manager is confused and fires phrases such as “That’s not my problem” and “Drop everything and do this now!” it is quite evident that you are under poor and confused management. This portrays the company’s outlook about how much they care about their employees. A chaotic manager is likely to unnecessarily stress you out, thus making you feel pressurized at work.

4. You Aren't given what you were Promised 

During the course of your negotiation and interview, it is likely that management will offer you ease at work and an accommodating environment – however they will not commit to this on your contract. Verbal promises made in the boardroom are often left unrequited as employers fail to deliver what they said, an issue that is more common than one would have thought.

5. You Complain about Work Continuously

It is always advised to leave your work issues in the office as bringing them home means dragging out work-related problems into your personal life. Moaning about work will only conjure a negative attitude towards your job. If you find yourself talking and complaining about work, it is time for a change so start looking for a job that makes you happy and boast about work!

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