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WORKPLACE / JUN. 04, 2015
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5 Signs that Prove Your Co-worker is Your BFF

Everyone needs a partner in crime — someone we can hang with or vent our frustrations to. But finding a close friend becomes harder as we get older.

Even if you had good friends while in college or high school, you might drift apart as your life becomes busier. Full-time employees spend the majority of their waking hours at work with coworkers. So naturally, you might develop close relationships with a few of your colleagues.

Given the amount of time you spend with coworkers, some colleagues can gradually become your best friend. It might be hard to determine whether a coworker is just a work friend or your BFF. But here are five ways to know the difference.

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1. You Spend All Your Time Together

It doesn’t matter if you’re in or out of the office, if you spend more time with a coworker than your other friends, chances are you’re developing a lifelong relationship and your coworker has become your best friend.

It’s not unusual for colleagues to have lunch together or go out for happy hour together. But if this individual becomes your go-to person whenever you want to see a movie, hang out at the mall or do other fun activities, this is more than just a work friendship.

2. You Call This Person Whenever Anything Good, or Bad Happens

If you’re only work-friends, you and your coworker might vent to each other about work, other coworkers or your boss. But if the sharing and confiding goes beyond the office, and you call this person whenever you’re feeling sad, discouraged or excited, he or she is likely your best friend. The fact that you’re sharing the best and worst moments proves this is someone you trust with your feelings. Maybe you can cry on this person’s shoulder because you know she’ll be your biggest supporter.

3. The Person Tells You the Truth -- and You Don't Get Offended

Someone who’s only a colleague might not truly care about your feelings. She might say one thing to your face and another thing behind your back. But if your coworker is also your best friend, he or she isn’t afraid to be truthful with you. She might put you in your place, if you need it. However, when your best friend gets stern with you, you don’t take it personally. Quite the opposite, you value her opinion because you know she has your best interests at heart. You know the advice is coming from a good place.

4. You Know This Person's Habits and Interest

If your coworker is only a work-friend, the only thing you might have in common are your jobs. But if this person becomes more than just a colleague and transitions into the best friend zone, you know just about everything about this person including her habits, likes, dislikes, plus you have a lot in common. You might have met this person’s family members, and been included in her family gatherings.

5. You Don't Gossip About This Person

If your work-friend is also your BFF, you do not gossip or speak bad about this person to others. Additionally, others in the office recognize your close relationship and they wouldn’t dare speak negatively about this person in front of you.

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Being able to work with your best friend on a daily basis makes the work week more enjoyable. It can be comforting knowing there’s always someone in your corner no matter what happens in the office.

What are other signs that your coworker is actually your best friend? Let us know in the comment section below


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