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5 Signs You Are in a Great Job

We all like to complain about our jobs because they’re never ever all fun but do you know if you’re in a great job? These signs will help you tell…

As kids we are told that when we grow up we have to find a job and we are pushed towards finding careers that are inspiring and rewarding both in terms of compensation and in terms of fulfillment. As we grow up, though, we realize that finding a job that’s inspiring, rewarding and fulfilling is not as easy as our parents made it sound. In fact most jobs come with their fair share of problems and there aren’t many people out there who would willingly agree to work if they could pay their bills without work. But just because we hate our routine and we dislike having to get up every day to go to work that doesn’t mean that we don’t work in great jobs.

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In fact many jobs are great even though we often fail to acknowledge it. It may well be, for example, that you think your boss sucks because you don’t get as many paid days off as you’d like but considering there are much worse things for an employee to suffer through we’ve decided to give you a hand in counting your blessings. The list below features five things that will help you tell if you’re in a great job. Read through it and remember that these are things that some people only dare to dream.

1. You’re Overall Happy at Work

excited employees

We all have our troubles at work and it’s not always pleasant to be at work but if most of the time you find yourself content to be at work then you are probably in a great job. Remember that being in a great job isn’t about not having anything that you dislike but it’s about being able to rise above all those things and enjoy your work.

2. You Feel Relaxed on Sunday Evenings

If you are in a great job then Sunday evenings are probably not that big of a deal for you. Sure you feel kind of sad that you won’t be able to sleep in late come Monday but the fact that you need to go back to work doesn’t stress you out all that much. In fact, you are secretly eager to be going back to work.

3. Your Boss Appreciates You

great boss

If there’s one thing that can determine whether a great job really is a great job that’s how the boss treats you. Great bosses are appreciative and they provide you with feedback that can help push you forward. Bad jobs on the other hand are jobs where the bosses are micromanagers and have no interest in forming bonds with their employees or helping push them towards their individual professional fulfillment. So, if you have the kind of boss who’s always there to listen and help you out, and who’s always eager to help you with advancing your career then you are definitely in a great job.

4. You’re Eager to Work With Your Colleagues

Most people who are in horrible jobs would tell you that their colleagues are the bane of their existence but if you don’t know what they are on about then that’s probably because you are lucky enough to be in a really great job. Only great companies are able to instill this collaborative spirit in their employees and if your company is pushing you towards working with your colleagues then you can count yourself lucky that you’re in a job where the benefits of teamwork are recognized.

5. You’re Willing to Take Risks

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Risk-takers are generally preferred and promoted in companies because they are the ones that can bring about change. But what most employers fail to understand is that in order for an employee to be able and willing to take risks, they need to feel safe and that their bosses and their work environment will be supportive of their choices. So, if you feel like taking risks at work and are not afraid to try out new things then that’s probably because you work in a great company that pushes you towards taking creative decisions. 

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Being in a great job is about feeling inspired at work and though all jobs come with their problems, you can tell that you are in a great job if you get off work feeling satisfied that you’ve done a good day’s work.

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