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5 Smart Ways to Beat Social Media Burnout

Are you all Twittered out? If you’re one of the millions who spend several hours a day checking on Facebook statuses, Twitter hashtags, and your friends’ latest Instagram photos, then it’s likely that you’re definitely feeling burned out from social media.

Although social media has become an important communications tool from North America to Asia, from the United Nations to the International Space Station (ISS), the ubiquitous nature of Liking and tweeting can certainly feel nauseating and fatiguing. It seems as if everything is being hashtagged, everyone’s tweets are making headline news, and each celebrity’s selfies are being turned into a 1,000-page novel.

It’s simple: our lives are being consumed by social media and we’re getting burned out from all of this social networking activity. There are several solutions, though, to this disgruntled feeling about social media. With a little bit of self-restraint and some dedication, you’re social media-free diet will be a success.

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Here are five smart ways to beat social media burnout today:

1. Schedule Your Social Media Communications

Instead of purging on social media, either the first thing in the morning or during your lunch break, create a schedule for your communications. Rather than spending three consecutive hours on social media, create a few 15-minute interludes dedicated entirely to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Much like the problem with binge-watching, we’re experiencing binge-sharing. You can use a suite of software applications, such as Sprout SocialBuffer and Hootsuite.

2. Deactivate Your Notifications

Each time your favorite brand issues a tweet or every instance a friend of yours changes his status on Facebook, you receive a notification on your smartphone. After reading this subheading, grab your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and turn off the notifications. There is no doubt that you really don’t need to know every time someone Likes your photograph on Instagram. It can be done by doing these two things:

  • Facebook app (for iPhone): Settings > Facebook > Disable “Vibrate” and “Play Sound” options.
  • Twitter app (for iPhone): No push settings to change.

3. Refrain from Eating at the Computer

A lot of people are guilty of this, not just the social media aficionados. Work from home professionals, on-site employees and college students chain themselves to their desks and eat their food while watching a YouTube video, reading a conversation on Twitter or viewing their friends’ walls on Facebook. This is an unhealthy habit and most people should cease this behavior immediately.

4. Suspend (or Avoid) Your Social Media Accounts

What do you think about being entirely without social media for a week? Although this may seem like an impossible feat to achieve, it is a wise and prudent move for anyone who is burned out from social media. You can do two things here: temporarily deactivate your social network accounts or do not sign in at all for seven whole days.

Moreover, if it’s hard to do any of that, then perhaps you can employ a browser babysitter. This is an app called Keep Me Out which is essentially a bookmark you install on your browser and you then select websites you want to be kept away from. If you want to be kept away from Facebook and Twitter, then this is a wise app to have.

5. Turn Your Attention to Real Life

According to research released by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (Ipsos OTX), social networking imbibes between two and four hours of our time each day (this is in varying age demographics, too). Just think what you could have done with that time! Instead of using your free time in the digital realm, why not turn your attention to stuff that really matters in real life? For instance, when was the last time you read a book? When was the last time you met up with at least three of your "followers"? When was the last time you cooked a nice meal for your family?

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As a lot of people can attest to, social media has become a crucial tool in communications. Revolutions, protests and information have all been enhanced because of Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, many of us have abused social media that it may have diminished its value to the point of annoyance. By sidelining yourself from hashtags and Likes for a little while, your fondness for social media may actually grow.

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