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WEB & TECH / JUN. 11, 2014
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5 Software Solutions for Managing Your Team in the Digital Era

Technology can be your best ally or it can be your worst nightmare. It starts from the moment you wake up in the morning and you start checking your emails. This can be overwhelming especially if you need to reply to an email with information from another email, which you probably don’t have at that precise moment. Keeping track of visuals, emails, prices, slides from a PowerPoint, etc for specific project can be time consuming.

Technology is fantastic, but it also can turn out to be time consuming. Fortunately, someone is always thinking about how to make our work productivity more efficient. There are now easier ways to keep everything together and keep your sanity intact. Here are few software solutions to help you manage your project as well as your team:

1. Producteev

Producteev is a pretty user friendly online task management app designed to help you manage your tasks as well as your team from where ever you are working from. You can use it via e-mail, IM, web, iphone, gmail or google calender. When you send an email to producteev tasks are created in your account and alerts can also be set for deadlines. Files can be added to tasks from where ever you are working from and they can be reviewed from your Producteev inbox. This software also has a native iphone app available free of charge for managing tasks while on the go.

2. Flow

Flow has a very cool design and if you are a Mac lover, Flow’s homepage will make you say… “Sweet! Nice!” Flow’s interface functions extremely well. Flow basically is a desktop app built in the cloud. The Projects, Tags, and Contacts are pretty straight forward and easy to use.

3. Remember the Milk

Yes, the name of this software is catchy. Remember the Milk has been around for awhile, and most people like this task management software. One of the main benefits of using RTM is that it’s available on a wide selection of platforms including Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. It also is very well integrated with google map, google calendar, and iCalendar. And here is the best part all these features on RTM are free!

4. Samepage

Samepage allows teams to organize and share a wide variety of content in a single view.

You can easily drag & drop files onto a page to share and comment with your team on the same page. You and your team can comment on the files, so everyone can see and know what is being said about the context. Gone are the days where you searched around in your emails or hard drives for attachments. Everyone knows what's going on and can access the latest version of all files on the page.

You can also synchronize your online files to your computer and have your team do the same.

Already storing your files in Dropbox? No problem. You can bring them into the conversation on Samepage without moving them at all. Your files our visible to your team and you can comment on the latest mock ups and version of your project without the excessive flurries of emails and the dreaded CC.

Shared events and tasks are viewable on any device. They help keep your team on the same page, even when you're all traveling in different directions, and you don’t have to waste countless hours hunting for bits and pieces of information, and emails in order to reply or make revisions to the project you and your team our working on.


And of course last, but no least dropbox. You can share your files with your team on Dropbox, but mainly dropbox serves more as a file sharing than a task organizer, but some people like to use it for task management, and an added incentive is they have a free subscription.

These 5 Task Management software solutions can help you organize your day and your project better, but as always there are other solutions. What do you use to keep your projects on track?

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