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5 Steps To Build a Strong Freelance Brand

Freelance Brand

Freelancing is one of the most secure careers you can get this 2014. As long as you do it right.

Unfortunately, a number of people fail to make money with their freelance career! Why? Most of them usually forget to establish a brand.

So don’t make that mistake - Here Are 5 Steps to Build A Strong Freelance Brand.

Determine what your skills and how you specialize on it.

Example: If your skill is writing, you can specialize in Copywriting, Translation, Web Content Writing, and other forms of Freelance Writing. If you’re a designer who can do programming, you can specialize in web and game design.

After selecting a skill and specialization. It’s time to choose a niche. A niche is a distinct segment of marketing. This is where the real specialization takes place. Clients prefer Freelancers who have a niche than someone with a more general one. It’s mainly because it shows they prefer people who are more skillful in a certain field.

Example: As a freelance writer, I chose Blogging and Copywriting as my specialization. My niche is Technology, Making money Online, Social media, and Content Marketing. While it may seem a lot. All of my niches are related to each other.

Your brand defines your Freelance Career. It’s how people find you. While unintelligent Freelancers fail to name their brand and end up on bidding sites. Naming your brand can give you a huge advantage over a large percentage of Freelancers.

There are two ways to choose a brand name: A personal one (which is usually your name) and a non-personal one (something unique and creative).

Personal Brand:

  • Pros: 
  • Easier to come up with
  • It’s much more unique
  • It’s easier to use.
  • Choosing a URL for this brand is really easy.
  • Cons:
  • It’s not expandable.
  • It’s also hard for search engines to properly rank you.
  • Doesn’t show how unique your brand is

Non-Personal Brand:

  • Pros:
  • Extremely Expandable
  • Represents your skills, specialization, and niche completely.
  • Cons: ’
  • It’s Hard to find a unique name for your brand
  • It’s extremely difficult to find the perfect domain.

When choosing a non-personal brand, choose something that best describes what services you intend to market.

The easiest way to promote a brand is through a website. Websites can cost money, but an online business is something worthinvesting money on. It’s not a problem as long as you spend your money wisely.

I really recommend adding a blog on your site. A blog is an opportunity to expand your knowledge  in your skill. It would also build your brand through your loyal reader’s promotion.

Before buying a site, choose the most appropriate url. I recommend using your brand as your URL.

Once a site is created. These pages are essential before it goes live.

  1.      About Page - The second most visited page on a site. An about page is a form of resume. If you want an interesting About Page, talk about your experience on your field and a list of interesting jobs you took. 
  2.      Hire Me Page - A hire me page should be on your site the first day it goes live. As an internet marketer, it’s a great idea to rename the page headline to the benefits of hiring you like "Boost Traffic," "Great Design," and, etc.  Afterwards, tell them how much of an expert you are in your field and how your clients can benefit from you. Remember to place clips, a link to your portfolio and series of testimonials at the end of the page.
  3.      Contact Page - Make yourself easily accessible. Put all of your public contact information here. 
  4.      Portfolio - This page is obvious. Clients want to see your previous works before hiring you. Your blog can also be a form of portfolio

A site is a perfect way to promote a brand. That’s why I told you to make one. There are tons of ways to promote your site. But, the easiest way is to promote through Guest Blogging, Social Media and different blog marketing tools.

You’re done! It’s a slow process but this will definitely help you land well-paying clients and pave your way to a strong Freelance career. As proof, it only took me a month, to land well-paying clients with a site!

What about you? What have you done to promote your brand? Did you give up on Freelancing?

P.S. If you’ve established a brand, take a look at Freelance Job Boards (not bidding sites) Freelance Job Boards are places where companies are looking for Freelancers to hire (i.e. ProBlogger). These are well-paying and more willing to hire you.

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