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LEADERSHIP / JUN. 18, 2016
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5 Strategies That Will Turn Your Employees Into Leaders

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Leadership has a central role in workplace success. Having employees as leaders, helps the company grow as a whole. Are there any leaders in the team?

Every employee should be a leader. This not only helps the individual grow professionally but also helps the company develop, increasing workplace productivity and achieving better results. When employees get a chance to have their say, they are more likely to stand up for themselves, ask for what they want and take the initiative to propose suggestions that can facilitate the development of the company. This way they feel more in charge of themselves and take full responsibility for their work as well as in what they are contributing to the organisation.  

On Fortune Sarah Kauss, a mentor, and advocate of learning, says that leadership is something that can be learned: “We encounter small (and sometimes big) educational moments every day that help transform our careers and guide us from being doers to real thinkers. Yet there are deliberate steps professionals can take to shift into a decision-making role, creating exciting opportunities and new responsibilities to bolster careers.”

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If you want to help your employees develop as leaders, there are some strategies that you can use to help them become, as Kauss says “more opinionated” at work.

1. Trust Your Employees

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It’s not enough to say that you trust your employees. You have to show them that you are counting on them. As you know, actions speak louder than words, so you need to give them the authority to make certain decisions, to be in charge of something, whether this is organising an event or handling an important client. It will give them the confidence they need to decide what the best course of action is, to try out more things and learn from the experience.

2. Offer Training

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Find ways to help your employees gain knowledge and experience in those areas that you regard as important. Whether it is public speaking, giving presentations, running a meeting or being in charge of a project, these are some of the things they should become more familiar with so that they realise they can be leaders too. Offer to help them learn how you do what you do. Show them how you lead a group or how you deliver a presentation and allow them to learn from you.

3. Teach Them to Network

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What’s the one thing every successful leader has? That would be a big network of contacts. If you want your employees to improve their leadership skills, they need to learn how to forge connections with strangers and initiate conversations with them. Doing so will allow them to confidently ask for what they want and establish some beneficial connections. There are many ways to help your employees strengthen their professional network, such as organising company events and encouraging them to get to meet more people.

4. Be a Good Mentor

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What every employee needs is a good mentor. If you are going to help them become leaders, you have to be by their side every step of the way and give them your full support. Show them how they can improve their leadership skills and take more responsibility to succeed in their job and career. This is crucial because it tells your employees that you care about them on an individual level, and you are not just trying to do what’s best for the company.

5. Let Them Do Things on Their Own

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Whenever your employees come to you for help, don’t just give it to them right away. Let them do the hard work so that they can learn how it is done. Doing their job yourself won’t help them become any better because it means they haven’t pressured themselves enough to make it happen. Becoming a leader is all about doing things on your own and taking on more responsibilities. Once they are ready to do things without your help, they can call themselves leaders.

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When you make your employees feel valuable and important to the company, they are more likely to rise to the challenge and see themselves as leaders. Have you ever tried these strategies? What was the result? Let me know in the comments section below…

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