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5 Tasks That Work-From-Home Freelancers Should Outsource Now

For professional freelancers, it can get terribly busy, particularly during certain times of the year (early/late winter, mid-spring and autumn). The workload for a work-from-home writer, editor, graphic designer, SEO specialist or translator can become so immense that performing any other task that is unrelated to the work at hand may seem like a waste of time.

The solution to this problem for various freelancers is to outsource. Indeed, the term “outsourcing” has transformed into a negative connotation as Americans and the Western workforce correlate it with job losses and Asia. However, freelancers should not frown upon outsourcing certain tasks that might hurt their bottom line.

Whether it’s household chores, offloading some of the workload to another freelance professional or completing administrative tasks, professional freelancers should consider this option. There are a variety of websites to utilize in order to seek out the right contractor, freelancer or subcontractor, such as Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, Craig’s List and others.

Of course, to find a dependable individual or company that can complete the work correctly and on time takes a little bit of effort. Several freelance and job websites maintain reviews, ratings, references and resumes for other freelancers. This is one way to determine if the person is the best one for the job.

A concern that most would cite is a lack of control. If you have a specific task at hand, whether it’s bitcoin mining, writing about corporate earnings or proofreading articles written in Dutch, it may be out of the work-from-home freelancer’s control. One way to circumvent this is to use your best judgment and assess the submitted work. If the first few assignments are done perfectly then you have a great pick, but if the first few assignments have several errors then it’s back to the search on websites.

With that being said, here are five tasks that work-from-home freelancers should outsource during those busy periods:

Social Media Activity

Social media is a work-from-home freelancer’s best friend. Not only does it provide the at-home worker some company during the day, it also serves a method to market articles, websites and other information vital to your company. Anyone can pretty much utilize social networks these days so it could be prudent to outsource Facebook, Twitter and Google+ posting to a freelancer who has a good understanding of the social networking business.

A Project You Can’t Complete

At times, the workload might be so enormous that you would consider declining any more jobs right now. However, with a couple of down periods during the year, such as Christmas, early winter and summer, and the economy experiencing a downturn, it wouldn’t be wise to turn away work. Therefore, if the job isn’t too difficult but it is a little time consuming then look to outsourcing writing, proofreading or data mining projects.


No matter how good a writer is, they’re likely not going to be just as good as an editor. The two positions are very different from each other. If you write a lot and have projects from lucrative clients then consider hiring a freelance editor to sift through your work to make sure it will be pleasing to the customer. Also, if you’re not a professional writer (you make a lot of spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes) then it’s extra important to tap an editor.


With the power of WordPress and simple web design tools available today, anyone can create a professional looking website. However, it does take time to master the perfect website. Therefore, seek out professional website design services and then hire someone else to regularly update your website for important details, such as contact information, social media updates, client lists and the latest news.


Similar to constructing a website and using social media, advertising also takes some time and dedication. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, incorporating Google Adsense or finding advertisers or advertising venues, it does take a special knack to be the best at online advertising. Rather than spending hours at a time on reading articles, blogs and recommendations on advertising, look into freelancers who know the best outlets to help you advertise your services or website – or who know clients who want to advertise on your website (if applicable).

Outsourcing can be extremely helpful if done the right way. Instead of wasting hours on menial tasks that can be better spent on your work, be on the lookout for freelancers who are capable, affordable and professional.

Do you outsource your workload? Let us know your experience in the comment section.

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