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JOB SEARCH / AUG. 02, 2014
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5 Things Job Hunters can Learn from Andy Murray’s ‘Road to Victory’

After 77 years of wait, Great Britain witnessed triumph as Andy Murray won a major grand slam on home soil, at Wimbledon. In an enthralling spectacle, Andy beat the world number one Novak Djokovic, in straight sets. The last time a gentleman’s Wimbledon Final was won by the country was in 1936 by Fred Perry. It was a time when tennis players competed in trousers.

The pressure to perform was enormous on Murray and he desperately wanted to deliver the goods. So, what can job hunters learn from Murray’s road to victory?

1. Skill development should be a non-stop process

Andy Murray had not only grown into an elite tennis player but is also a well-grounded professional. His Wimbledon triumph comes after his devastating loss in the previous year. Murray worked hard to overcome this by claiming his first ever US Open grand slam title and winning the Olympic Gold before this all-important title.

Murray’s will to work hard and improve as well as his perseverance are the two qualities that you need to have for finding your dream job. Only the tough survive in this competitive world. So never be disappointed by a job rejection or if your do not hear back after an interview. Instead, continue applying and stay focused. You will learn something new after every failure. Use this and take advantage of the experience gained. 

2. Be steady and come back hard    

Murray had lost badly to Roger Federer in the final of Wimbledon 2012. It put him to tears and of course being rejected added to the disappointment. The intensity of a Wimbledon final helped him know what to expect and learn the art of adapting to big events.

You might have experienced this too. Failing in the final rounds of interviews could have disappointed you. It is important to determine the positives form a rejection and overcome the negatives. Come back hard next time for you already know what a final round would be like.

3. Maintaining a good image is the key for success anywhere

Murray is known for his dignified qualities throughout his career. He recently admitted that he adheres to his usual reserved tone during interviews as he is keen not to get into trouble by saying anything. His post-match interview with Gary Richardson, after a grueling quarter-final game with Fernando Verdasco is a perfect example of maintaining his cool public image.

A BBC presenter claimed that Murray should have been told off by Coach Ivan Lendl for fighting so hard against a player ranked 54 among world tennis players.

Murray simply replied, “I don’t see why I should get told off for that. I fought as hard as I could, tried incredibly hard, chased every single ball down and I came through an incredibly tough match.”

Maintaining your good image in real-life, workplaces and social media sites is so important. Especially, social media which has become so prominent today, can talk volumes about your good image or personal brand. Recruiters who are hunting for Facebook and Twitter applications would love to see profile pictures and statuses in good light.

4. Never fear the competition

What can be more courageous than facing the world’s best player in a final and beating him in straight sets? It was a show of incredible self-belief, courage and focus. Murray never feared Djokovic; his self-belief spurred him to the thumping victory.

In today’s competitive job market, it may be a daunting task for some to compete against numerous talented job seekers. Even though your skills are just perfect for the role, doubts may start to creep up. This is where you must believe in yourself, pick yourself up and show courage. This way you will be showing your employer that you are no shrinking violet.

5. Learning from the right mentors

Murray has had a majority of his success under his favorite coach, Ivan Lendl, who had helped him win his first grand slam title, Olympic gold and finally, the Wimbledon title.

Taking an internship or learning from work experience is the best way to undergo job practice. It also ensures you get the right guidance from individuals in the appropriate fields. You can also seek an expert advice for designing your CV, in order to show off your skills in the best possible manner.         

So don’t you agree that Andy Murray is one of the best persons to take inspiration from, as a job seeker? His sheer personality, courage and commitment are lessons to be learned. Share your views and opinions on what other things you know about the great sportsman that can inspire a job seeker. 


Image Sourced : Andy Murray

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