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5 Things Only People Who Have Worked Overseas Can Understand

Working overseas seems to be the dream, doesn’t it? Just the idea of being able to live in a foreign country and experience a whole new set of things can get everyone excited. If you are friends with anyone who works overseas you’re probably jealous from all the cool things they get to do and share on social media and you probably wish that your company would choose to send you overseas. But, is it indeed all fun and games? Do people who work overseas get to live the dream day in day out?

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Well, it only takes being sick once to break the illusion and by that I mean that there’s nothing worse than having the cold in a foreign country with no one to make you chicken noodle soup. There are just some things that only people who have worked overseas can understand and in order to break the illusion and stop you from marching yourself in your boss’s office demanding to be sent abroad we’ve gathered these things in the handy list below. Go through the list and remember: taking a long vacation is always an option.

1. Birthdays Suck

birthday sad

Yeah sure, being in a foreign country and eating exotic food is fun and exciting but come your birthday and all of a sudden these things don’t matter anymore. Why? Well, because your family who can recount endless, embarrassing stories of your childhood’s birthdays is not there with you and your friends, the ones who know that a birthday is nothing if not a chance to bar crawl the best bars in town are also not there. There’s just something about birthdays that always makes us home-sick and if you work overseas you get to feel that year after year.

2. Becoming Fluent in the Target Language Doesn’t Just Happen Overnight

People always have this notion that once you’ve lived in another country for some time you automatically become fluent in the country’s language. But that’s far from the truth, in fact struggling with the language is the reality for many people who’ve lived abroad for years and unless you have to speak the target language in order to survive chances are that you’re not going to be fluent in anything other than good morning and good night.

3. Becoming Friends With Locals Can Be Really Hard


One of the perks of working abroad is the fact that you get to make friends with the locals but the harsh reality is that it’s not always easy to make friends with the locals. In fact, you’ll find that locals will either be indifferent to you or they’ll too busy to bond with you. It takes time and it takes effort to really make friends with the locals and to start emerging in their culture and if you want to make it work you have to be determined and patient.

4. Work Can Be Just as Boring

We always think that working abroad means that your life is constantly exciting and that even when you are at work, you’re never really bored because well life is just that darn exciting when you are overseas. However, that’s not true. Unfortunately, going to work day in day out is just as boring when you’re abroad. Your life becomes a routine and your work tasks are just as not exciting as they would be if you were sitting in an office back home.

5. Being Far Away Is Not All that It’s Cut Out to Be

up in the air

The biggest allure of working overseas is often the fact that you get to spent time away from your crazy family and friends. Not being part of their daily dramas can seem pretty attractive but though everything works out perfectly when everyone back home is fine, what happens when there’s some major problem back home and you’re hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away?

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Working overseas can be great because you get to experience new things and you get to live a unique life, but more often than not living abroad is demanding and it can be difficult, so you may want to weigh your options before starting to hate your job just because it doesn’t offer you the possibility to work abroad.

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