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5 Things to Do Without Spending Money When You’re Broke and Unemployed

On average, it will take you about six months to find another job. This is the reality for most people. You can’t spend eight hours a day searching for a job, though. It’s not practical, and you’ll drive yourself crazy. Furthermore, most employers take weeks and months to come up with a job offer, or even an interview, so you have a lot of time to fill.

Make the most of this time by considering some of the following options.

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1. Start a Project in the Meantime

The biggest fear for anyone without a job is having a gap in their résumé. It’s not an easy task to explain away why you spent three months eating Doritos in front of the television. This doesn’t look good to any employer. Fill in the time by starting some project of your own.

Your application doesn’t say part-time/full-time or paid/unpaid. It lists what you did and for how long. Volunteer to do some unpaid work for a company you’re passionate about. See if that carpenter of an uncle of yours needs some free labour. It will eat up the time and ensure you get some real work experience.

2. Ambition Fulfilled

Fulfil a long-held ambition. Unemployment is your chance to indulge in activities you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to partake in. For example, you could learn to dance or you could take some cooking classes. It won’t fill up your job application, but when anyone ever asks what you were doing whilst you were unemployed, you’ll have a few interesting stories to tell.

Employers want ambition and execution, not just something else to add to a boring list.

3. Start a Blog

Blogging is an easy way to get started with any chosen industry. Look at issues within your industry and write something interesting on them. There’s a reason why successful bloggers often find themselves working within the industry they’re writing about.

Again, it’s something that ensures you’re showing how interested you are in your future career. Believe it or not, employers will look your name up and they’ll come across projects like this.

4. Start a Company

This is not something for everyone, but if you have an idea, it may be worthwhile to start your own company. People often wonder how they’re going to ever get to market and how they’re going to get their foot in the door. Wonder no more because you can create your own job and carve out your own opening.

It will require many sleepless nights and long hours of effort, but if you’re passionate enough, there’s no reason why you can’t do it. A company doesn’t need thousands of dollars in investment. Barter for services and see what you can get for free or at an exceedingly low price.

5. Live Your Dreams Now

Have you ever noticed how the high fliers in our society can talk about themselves without blinking and without those tell-tale signs of stress?

It’s not because they were born with natural charisma. Anyone can learn how to speak confidently about themselves and what they have achieved. Presumably, you want to enter a specific trade. Learn to talk about yourself by going outside and engaging with strangers. It could be a conversation on a park bench, between two people walking their dogs, or even someone you met in a coffee shop.

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In conclusion, don’t see yourself as an unemployed loser. Hold your head up high and act as if you have that career you’ve always wanted. Fake it to make it and develop that confidence. In the end, being unemployed doesn’t have to mean you’re in a deep, black pit of despair.

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