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WORKPLACE / JAN. 30, 2015
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5 Things Your Desk at Work Says About You

Desk organization communicates numerous non-verbal cues that you may not know. The way you arrange papers, photos and other objects reveal a lot of information about your personality. In case you did not know, the stuff you put on top of your desk may give your superiors an insight of your suitability to be promoted or not. In this context, think of your desk arrangement as a personal brand, an interactive marketing brochure that silently talks about you behind your back.

1. Organized

Having an organized desk tells your co-workers that you are reliable and have an organized mind. Someone with an organized mind is someone who can carry himself in a decent manner and gets his work done. Your organization gives the idea that you are up to speed with your work, and you are dependable. If your desk is organized then don’t worry because you are giving off a good vibe. However, too much organization is not good. It is human nature to miss a thing or two here and there.

2. Creative

If you are that person with artwork, then the uncommon objects and toys on your desk are silently saying that you are creative. In addition, it says that you are open to new ideas and experiences. Innovative companies attract creative people and encourage them to display their personalities. If you are in a creative profession like photography and design, then you will benefit from the uncommon objects you put on your desk. Nonetheless, if you are in a legal or business profession, you may not benefit as much.

3. Neurotic

Inspirational quotes and posters on your desk say that you are neurotic. Inspirational quotes are psychological motivations and tell you to keep calm. Having these on your desk tells your co-workers that you like to keep people together and in harmony. Moreover, the quotes, you put on your desk, communicate your values and beliefs. Neurotic characters are normally successful in their ventures.

4. Extroverted

An extroverted character is well communicated by inviting spaces. People with inviting spaces on their desks, an extra chair beside their desk to sit on and perhaps a candy jar tell others that they are approachable and do not mind somebody at their desk. Furthermore, it shows you are welcoming and usually have visitors. Your sociable office nature can pave the ways for new opportunities and promotions.

5. Command Respect

There is nothing that screams “I want respect and credibility” than your achievements. Displaying framed academic credentials, personal achievements and awards translate to your effort of commanding respect. Most senior executives do this more often. However, for junior executives, it may come out as seeking recognition or thinking that you are very important.

Family photos say you’re a family man while a potted plant says you are an optimist and gives a fresh vibe. Since you are aware that your desk communicates, arrange it in a manner that brands your personality positively. Remember to be moderate in your desk organization.


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