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INTERVIEWS / OCT. 28, 2014
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5 Tips to Make it to Your Job Interview on Time

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Arriving late to a job interview hinders your chances of making that positive impression. There are several steps that you can take to help you to get to your job interview on time. This article will discuss those steps.

1. Sleep Well

It is important to get enough sleep so that you will be functioning at full capacity the next day. Generally, people need 6 – 8 hours of consistent sleep each night to be healthier and function well during the day. Refrain from consuming caffeinated drinks shortly before bed time. If you are nervous or stressed about the interview, drink chamomile tea before you go to sleep. It is a natural relaxant and will not increase your chances of oversleeping like some pharmaceutical sleep aids might.

2. Think Smart

Some people can wake up without alarm clocks. Others need that safety net to get them up each day. Even if you are able to wake up without an alarm clock, you should set two alarms for the morning of your job interview. It’s better to be prepared than to chance the one day that you might oversleep and not get up on time. Set your alarm clock and the alarm on your cell phone and give yourself extra time to get ready in the morning. You don’t want to be rushed. It’s better to have a more relaxed pace in getting ready. Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast.

3. Be Prepared

Another step you can take is to be prepared. Pick your outfit the night before the interview and try it on to make certain it works for you. Fussing over what to wear that morning is a surefire way to make you late to the interview. Ironing your clothing takes time, and that is something else that you should do the night before. Have a copy of your resume and your career portfolio ready to take with you in the morning. Anything that you can do the night before to get prepared for the morning will help you to relax. In turn, you will sleep better and also be able to get ready more seamlessly in the morning.

4. Plan Ahead

Another way that you can prepare for the day is to plan ahead and ascertain the route you will take to the interview. If you don’t know where you are going, the morning of the interview is not the time to plan a route. Visit the company’s website and ascertain any pertinent information regarding parking garages or lots and any other building directions they have listed. Make sure you have the correct address. Most people have GPS devices or apps on their mobile phones and tablets. That is great. However, it is also a good idea to get directions online from Google Maps, Rand McNally or MapQuest and print them out for a reference in case you need additional assistance. Find time during the week to drive from your home to the location for the interview so that you can assess the route and determine if you need to find another way because of high traffic or construction areas.  

5. Expect the Unexpected

You can plan ahead all you want and there could still be something that might go wrong and cause you to be late for the interview. That is why you must expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. When setting your alarm in the morning, ascertain the normal amount of time it takes to get ready and add extra time. Figure in the estimated travel time to the location and add additional time for unexpected delays. Even if you have rerouted to deviate from heavy traffic areas, you may still encounter traffic. If this all means that you will need to get up more than an hour earlier than usual, be sure to go to bed earlier to make certain you get enough sleep.

As outlined in this article, it is relatively easy to increase your chances of arriving early to your next job interview. Planning ahead always makes a huge difference. If you end up being late due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control, at least you are able to express with honesty that you have a credible excuse and that you planned ahead to try to arrive on time. However, if you make every effort to follow the steps outlined in this article, the likelihood of arriving to your interview on time will greatly increase.

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