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5 Tools That Can Help You Enhance Your Pinterest Experience

Pinterest is one of the newest editions to the global social media network, and some say the most powerful. It uses images instead of words to communicate messages. Many business owners have seen the power of it and have started to benefit from it, in terms of B2B marketing.

There are numerous tools to help you make the most of Pinterest. Whether they help you reach an audience, or just make you more efficient, consider picking up the following five tools.


Formerly known as Pinwoot, this is an online network of Pinterest users who want to reach an audience quickly. It uses a currency called ‘seeds’ and you can either buy these or gain them through repinning pictures and following other users.

It’s a reciprocal community where you make seeds by helping others and spend seeds by getting others to help you. As of this writing, it’s one of the fastest legal ways of gaining a following through this social media network.

And the best part is you don’t even have to visit Pinterest to use it!

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is a free photo editor for people who lack expensive software like Photoshop. It’s often difficult to create interesting pictures unique to you. A business looking to build a brand needs to get into the habit of creating its own pictures not found anywhere else.

This free photo editor works by providing you with a few basic editing tools. Its main feature is the ability to make photo collages for yourself. If you like multiple pictures, you can combine them together with this tool to make a unique image.


If you’re having problems finding the right users to interact with, use PinGraphy. This provides detailed analytical information on who’s following you and who’s reposting your content. It will analyse the accounts of these people and determine who you need to be interacting with.

It’s especially useful for users who already have a huge number of people following them. It pinpoints the most active and influential users. This is something you would otherwise have to do manually, and this can take up hours of your time.


If you want to target a specific group, you can with Pinalerts. Set it up and it will automatically tell you when someone from this group pins some of your content. It’s ideal if you want to use it with PinGraphy.

For example, you could use PinGraphy to find out who the influential users are in your following. Pinalerts would come in to tell you whenever they repost some of your content. It can help you track how successful your current campaign is.


Finally, they have one of the most useful analytics tools around. It’s basic in terms of the data it produces, but it also measures your level of engagement. This can help you to find opportunities for improvement.

PinReach works by helping you discover new pins, new trends, and areas where you’re lacking when it comes to working with other users. It generates an arbitrary score based on a number of complex metrics.

When it comes to finding great content, PinReach is perfect for the job. It only recommends content that’s already trending.

To understand this, you have to understand how Pinterest works. Pinterest is like Google and any other social media network. Trending content has more power than irrelevant content. By regularly posting trending content, you’re more likely to gain the attentions of influential users.

In turn, this boosts the respectability of your account and brings you into contact with the people who matter. For any business, this is essential.

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