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WORKPLACE / DEC. 07, 2014
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5 Tricks That Will Put you on Your Boss's 'Good List' This Christmas

Do the Christmas holidays come with high demands at your workplace? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by deadlines and obligations as the year’s work needs to be completed?

You might be inclined to flare at fellow workmates and your boss, or even suffer debilitating depression that keeps you from getting work done and meeting personal obligations when the festivities set in. However, you could try a few things to get you through this stressful period by getting on your boss’ good list this season.

Set a Good Precedence

With most of the year’s work coming to an end, completing the most important tasks first is imperative. Prioritize your to-do list and mark off what you manage to do so that you keep track of your work as you complete it. Your boss will be able to see that you have a good sense of responsibility and judgment. You might find yourself being entrusted with bigger responsibilities with a bigger paycheck next year!

Meet All Your Deadlines

While completing the most significant bits of work first is good, remember to mark all the other deadlines. Doing work in a timely manner allows your boss to be flexible in handling any of your personal requests for time to go about errands related to the festivities. This way, you’ll meet both work and personal goals.

Keep Jolly and Merry

Even as pressure at work increases, show support for your boss by doing your job jubilantly and efficiently. Your boss will appreciate your enthusiasm and make worthy note of your efforts. Perhaps a Christmas bonus to help with the shopping or a promotion in the New Year will come your way. Nevertheless, do not overdo the jubilation and remember to keep a professional attitude at all times.

Dilute Work-related Tension

Your workplace can be frantic and filled with anxiety with the approaching festivities, so spread the Christmas cheer. Once you’re able to work well, you can motivate workmates to do the same, therefore, creating a sense of ease in the workplace. If you feel jolly enough, bake (or buy) Christmas cookies and bring them to work to share with colleagues and your boss. This might just put your boss in a good enough mood to let you and your workmates off work early to get ahead with your Christmas plans.

Be Considerate and Kind

In keeping with the giving season, be considerate with your time at the office. Understand that your boss may not be able to give you as many flexible hours to shop for Christmas presents before stores close and stocks run out.

However, this should not ruin your Christmas spirit. You can stay in the office working and shop online. Not only will you look very busy behind your desk, you also reduce the personal burden of having to go gift hunting. While at it, be kind enough to get a gift for your boss. This is a sure way of getting on their good list this year.

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