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5 Unbelievably Strange Job Interviews

We’ve all heard the one about the poor graduate who was asked to dance at an interview with electrical giant Currys. But have you heard the one about the woman who was proposed to by her interviewer? When Quora asked users to share their stories in answering ‘What is the most bizarre job interview you have ever been party to?’ they came up with some very bizarre tales indeed!

1 Driven into the Woods and Propositioned

Leitha Matz thought nothing of her interviewer taking her out to dinner since it is considered common practice. When he picked her up the next day in order to show her the location of their future offices and drove her into the middle of the woods she couldn’t help but think she was about to be a goner. After hiking up a hill together, the gentleman in question offered her both the job and his hand in marriage, along with a heart-shaped stone he found along the way. Needless to say, she rejected him.

2 A Random Canine Observer

The CEO of a company was a little taken aback when one candidate entered the interview room with a golden retriever. During the interview the dog just wandered around for a while casually before making its way to the exit.  As everything was going swimmingly the interviewer just had to ask why the candidate thought it necessary to bring their dog with them, to which they replied, “My dog? I thought it was your dog! I wanted to ask you the same question!”

3 The Breast Candidate

One interviewer at a startup which was well-funded and pegged to be successful interviewed her candidate with her baby in the room. The guy noticed the baby becoming more and more restless until the interviewer finally went ahead and pulled out a boob to breastfeed her child. The guy had to try his very best to maintain eye contact.

4 Interviewed KGB-Style

Sergey Zelvensky claims to have been interviewed by former members of the KGB for a junior software engineering position at a Russian bank. This involved a 500 question strong psyche test, which bizarrely included a question on the nature of his poo. Next up was a polygraph test with sensors strapped to his head, chest and fingers while the interviewers asked if he had any ulterior motives for joining the company. After passing the test, Sergey apparently had a great few years working there!

5 The 1988 ESL Massacre

Ending on a rather depressing note, one candidate was brought into interview only to be met with a barrage of screaming workers, escaping a gunman tearing through their offices. The interviewer managed to get the candidate out of the building before bravely returning to help his co-workers.

It’s really tough to imagine what you would do in any of these situations from the comical to the downright scary! Here’s hoping that your next interview goes much more smoothly and with fewer breasts on display…

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