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5 Unique Jobs With Significant Longevity

Trying to figure out which jobs are going to have the most longevity as technology continues to direct the future might be one of the wonders of the 21st century. While many career prognosticators tend to look to the governmental entity of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to answer that life mystery, it’s also true that the BLS tends to group a lot of careers together into areas such as healthcare, general blue collar work and general white collar work. That being said, here are a few unique options that won’t necessarily show up in those more general reports, but they offer some longevity because they have been around for quite a while, or because they are in high demand, or both. 
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1. Submarine Cook

This may look like a yawner on the surface, but the $200,000 that these guys can earn will wake you up faster than an extra-large shot of Espresso. And then there’s the $50,000 annual bonus that they earn because, yeah, it’s not the most popular job out there, so it’s a hard one for the navy to fill. But this makes it a plus for those who hold the position in that it’s got plenty of job security. There’s always going to be a need for someone who can cook for all those hungry navy guys. Also, cooking meals for as many as 58 people all cooped up under the sea comes with the reward of being everyone’s favorite person.

2. Roughneck

Yes, you read that right. Roughneck is a real job and might just warm the heart of Jeff Foxworthy and your average proud-to-be-a-blue-collar-worker. This noisy but fairly well paying occupation involves working with hot drill pits, connecting new sections of pipe, and other odd tasks, as well as inhaling some pretty awful fumes during the course of a twelve hour day. You just have to decide if that, plus all the noise is worth about $48,000. If so, this job is the kind of job that has been and will be around for generations to come, which means the longevity of job security.

3. Airplane Repo Person

Hey, someone has to actually go and get the plane that some rich person can no longer pay for because they’ve lost a fortune on bad investments. Don’t laugh too hard, though, because an Airplane Repo Person can make anywhere from 10,000 - 900,000 per plane depending on the type of plane! It does leave you wondering where one could possibly hide a plane, though, doesn’t it? That would be where the beauty of a GPS comes into play. So how do you get one of these juicy jobs? Typically with a bank that specializes in aircraft loans. In a bad economy, this one absolutely offers some nice job security since the bank is going to want those planes back to try to resell them to smarter investors who are less of a credit risk.

4. Voice-Over Artists

All those funny voices that we hear when watching animated movies have to come from somebody. This is a highly competitive career, but it’s nice work if you can get it. The pay ranges from $50,000 - $80,000 per year. This is an off-shoot of being a professional actor where having the right training is concerned. After that, it’s about having the right connections and developing an affinity for sitting in tiny enclosed spaces. But once you break in to this field and get a few jobs under your belt, it’s not going away anytime soon, which means the longevity of job security.

5. Public Relations Specialist

PR Specialist

If you’re a natural optimist and tend to see the good in people and companies before the bad, the Public Relations Specialist field is expected to not only have an increase in demand for workers, but it can also pay well. This job is all about creating and maintaining a favorable image for your client, while knowing the right places to do the promoting in order to bring about an increased public awareness of the client’s mission and vision. Getting your foot in the door is the hard part. After that, the demand is high enough that you won’t have any trouble remaining employed if you’re good at what you do, which means the longevity of job security

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As unique as these jobs might be, it’s worth mentioning that most of the best opportunities for jobs with longevity are really found in the medical industry. This has been a pretty consistent trend that has carried over from even the previous century, probably because of the aging baby boomers. Perhaps the only competitor where job growth is concerned is the credit card collections industry -but most people don’t really want to hear about that one.

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