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WORKPLACE / JUL. 11, 2015
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5 Ways a Bad Boss Can Give You Health Problems

Stress, high blood pressure, headaches and depression can all be causes of one thing: your boss. Indeed, your boss is making you ill, and it seems that nothing will get done about it at the office. 

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An egotistical, maniacal, punctilious and a self-anointed apotheosis boss can damage your life by just being themselves at work. Experts say that bosses behave this way because they can get away with it since they are viewed as "big winners." However, this is driving out those great workers who are true assets to the firm, while the remaining staffers suffer in silence. 

Of course, bosses don’t have to originate from hell. They could just as well be passive, indifferent and morose to generate negative health problems. We’ve all had those, too. 

How can you tell your boss is just, well, a jerk? Here a few hints: if they belittle, humiliate, oppress or eviscerate one’s energy levels then you definitely have a horrible boss on your hands. You better get out before it’s too late, otherwise you’ll become stressed.

Don’t believe a bad boss can give you health problems? Here are 5 ways they can:

1. Heart Disease

Earlier this year, a Swedish study found that working with a difficult boss can increase an employee’s chances of getting heart problems. According to the report, the more an employee respected their employer, the less likely they were to suffer heart issues. Moreover, heart ailments actually get worse the longer a staff member stays with the company if they’re on bad terms with the boss or management in general.

2. Anxiety & Depression

Often, we think that it’s the workplace or workload that is causing anxiety and depression. This is incorrect. In fact, an extensive study coming out of Denmark found that feeling you are being treated unfairly by your superiors and a toxic work environment are actually negatively affecting your mood.  

What about those immense assignments? Matias Brødsgaard Grynderup, PhD, of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University, says, "Depression can make work assignments appear insurmountable, even though the depression was not caused by the workload."

3. A Lack of Sleep

Has your sleep quality greatly diminished in recent months? If so, ask yourself: how is your boss treating you? The reason for this is because a studyconducted by Inserm, the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, found that "hostile behavior" exhibited by bosses and colleagues causes people to suffer from excessive sleep difficulties. Scientists are calling this a "silent epidemic" because a growing number of people report being bullied at work at least once in their careers.  

4. Weight Gain

Did your boss just give you the third-degree because you handed in an assignment at 12:03 p.m. as opposed to 12:00 p.m.? You may feel like you want to feel better and calm down by munching on a candy bar or drinking a can of soda pop. Unfortunately, if this happens on a regular basis, then it can lead to significant weight gain, which comes with a plethora of health defects. A bad boss can eventually make you become diagnosed with high cholesterol and perhaps obesity.

5. Enhance Allergies & Asthma

This is an interesting one. It’s possible to be allergic to your boss. Research has discovered that workplace stress makes it a lot harder for your body to suppress allergies or to keep asthma under control. If your boss is giving you a hard time and you start to become itchy, your nose transforms into Rudolph and you sneeze violently then perhaps it’s time to go.

The next time someone asks what you’re allergic to, you can respond with: "My boss!"

If you don’t plan on leaving anytime soon then be sure to employ these tips: 

  • Refrain from becoming like them. 
  • Say something to them or human resources. 
  • Try to make your boss’s life easier. 
  • Be yourself. 
  • Learn from this negative experience; practice empathy in the future. 

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The workplace is a venue that we have to attend because we need the money. Unfortunately, the office space has metastasized into a Colosseum where gladiators fight for their lives. This isn’t right. Every workspace needs to be filled with kind, professional and respectful individuals. Remember, we’re all working for the same goal: money, career growth and stability. Once a company starts making you ill then perhaps it’s time to hand in your two-week notice.

Do you have a horrible boss? Do you think that they can have affect your health?

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