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5 Ways Avoiding Facebook for a Week Can Make You More Productive

Facebook has been a part of our lives for a good decade now. A lot of people can’t imagine their lives without it. That’s a problem because there’s a difference between using a useful tool and plain addiction. So with the start of 2015 already here, now is the time to start to break some of those bad habits. Have you ever considered staying away from Facebook for a week to make yourself more productive?

Here are five ways in which a Facebook holiday can make you more productive.

#1 Procrastination

Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t doing much of anything while we’re on Facebook. This is simply procrastination of the highest order, and it’s getting us no closer to finishing our daily tasks. A break from Facebook can remove the temptation to check what your friends are up to and update your status (that nobody cares about).

#2 Addiction

Facebook can turn into an addiction. Granted, it’s not in the same league as alcohol or drugs, but it sucks time away. A startling study in Sweden discovered that the average user spends about 75 minutes a day on Facebook. Even more shocking is the fact the average user will log on and off Facebook six times a day. That statistic alone demonstrates how desperate we are to keep coming back to Facebook in this day and age.

#3 Fixing Diet

Diet means everything when it comes to productivity. If you aren’t taking a proper break at lunch and making sure you’re eating something other than convenience food, you’re going to find your productivity levels dropping.

A lot of people will eat cheap fast food at their desks so they can use their free time to do things like check Facebook. A sabbatical from Facebook will encourage you to leave the desk at lunch and refresh your mind for the day ahead.


#4 Improving Relationships

One way to decrease productivity is poor relationships at work. We’re not talking about the people immediately around you here. We’re talking about those far above you. Most companies will have a comprehensive social media policy, and in most cases it prohibits you from browsing Facebook during company hours. Even using company Wi-Fi can get you in trouble if they find you on social media.

Getting into trouble with those above you will hurt your career. It will also make it more difficult to get on with your work.

#5 Depression

Facebook isn’t always the happy place its designers want it to be. Sometimes you will see news and images that cause you some distress. You can’t filter this information because sometimes it may be deeply personal to your friends and family. It’s right that you deal with potentially distressing information in the proper way, and accessing it from your news feed in the middle of the day isn’t the right way to do it.

A regular bombardment of such things can lead to depression. It may seem like a big jump, but a huge number of people who suffer from depression also use Facebook on a daily basis. You need to shield yourself from such things, and you can. By taking a week away from Facebook, you’ll be able to focus your mind on work.

Even if you don’t experience anything that upsets you, the fact your mind is set on one goal means you’ll  be able to function better and increase your productivity.

Finally, if you really want to stop yourself from visiting Facebook, consider blocking it entirely. There are plenty of blockers available online that can prevent you from accessing Facebook.

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