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WEB & TECH / NOV. 03, 2014
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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Content Does Not Stink

Not everyone is a writer, and even some professional writers are less than mediocre. However, it is important to have the right kind of content on your website. It has to be something that people want to read and look forward to reading. In order to help you understand what your readers want, consider installing a polling application on the website for new and existing readers so that you can deliver them the content they want to see.

#1 Create an Engaging Headline

Most of the time a headline is the main reason someone reads a piece of content. In many cases, controversial topics gain more readers just from the topic in the headline. An example of a boring headline is “How to Boil Water”. A topic like this is easily summed up in about four sentences at the most. Attempting to engage an audience for more than a paragraph on a bland topic is amazingly difficult.

For some writers, creating the headline after writing the content is a better idea because the tone used in the article provides ideas to make an exciting headline.

#2 Read Google Algorithm Updates

Google makes multiple changes to their acceptable content and keyword policy algorithms throughout the year. These changes are based upon what consumers want and results from studies and research polls. Although adjusting to new techniques is difficult, it is important to always stay up-to-date on these changes. Not following these guidelines can result in Google penalties being issued and the content can be removed from view until corrections are made. This turns consumers away and causes a loss of readership and revenues.

#3 Always Proofread

Many writers make the mistake of just publishing content after it is completed. It is a must that you proofread every piece of content for spelling, grammar and awkward phrasing. The content must be clear, to the point and must be something that readers want to continue reading until the end. Build the content based on a sole idea and finish thoughts before jumping to a different topic.

To ensure that you have a good flow in your content, use a human editor. While this may cost a little bit of money, it is ideal because many spelling and grammar checking programs miss small details.

#4 Create Interesting Content

Along with a captivating headline, the content has to be interesting. Rather than just delivering content that is reiterated from a different source, put your own spin on it. Explain the details of the topic in a way that the readers in a specific niche will identify with. For example, if you are writing about completing remodeling projects, don’t simply go through the steps. Explain to the audience how the implied changes make the space work better and how changes to a kitchen or bathroom increase the resale value of the home.

Giving the audience more ideas engages them and they are more likely to finish reading the piece.

#5 Is Writing for Yourself Ideal?

If you are not a writer by trade, you could be making costly mistakes. Those that are not professional writers are often clueless as to what readers want, or even how to write a cohesive paragraph. This mistake can lead you to losses rather than profits and a poor online reputation. Even if you are a start-up company or not for profit organization, hire a writer and spend the funds to get the right content.

Great content that has purpose is what readers want. If a reader is confused about what they are reading or the language is simply over their heads, they’ll close the tab and forget the website exists. The key point is to engage your audience with relevant, well written, properly formatted content at all times.


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