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5 Ways to Refresh Your Personal Brand in 2015


The beginning of 2015 provides an opportune moment to analyse your personal brand and see whether it needs an upgrade or not. You can also use this opportunity to re-examine your professional progress to identify areas that need improvement in your career. Refreshing your personal brand will impact your career in a massive way by making you noticeable to potential employers, opening up new job opportunities as well as boosting your confidence in your career journey.

#1 Develop a Social Media Strategy

Failure to develop a professional profile on social networks, such as, Twitter and LinkedIn will cost you great opportunities to market your abilities to a wide range of industry professionals. Hence, a social media strategy is necessary to enable you to market your personal brand online to potential employers. Development of this strategy requires you to ascertain the amount of your time you would dedicate towards social media. In case time is scarce, go for a social network that caters to your specific profession.

#2 Improve Personal Appearance

Your outward appearance often determines people’s first impression of you; this includes job interview situations where the hiring panel will create a perception of you based on your dress sense. Making substantial changes to your personal appearance could help improve the impression people get of you when you first meet them. For example, you can upgrade your wardrobe with new clothes and accessories, enrol at the gym for fitness exercises or try a new hairstyle or haircut. In addition, these changes enhance your self-confidence.

#3 Renovate your Website

Your online presence is often an indicator of your personal brand and enhances your credibility in your field of specialisation. It is also a selling point as employers value job seekers with a huge online presence because such influence could be beneficial to the former. A website is one way of building up your online presence and – by extension – your personal brand. You could renovate your current website and breathe life into it through refreshing blog content as well as exciting samples from your professional portfolio.

#4 Clean up your Online Profile

Brandi Greygor, a management consultant, hits the nail on the head when she says that most of us are unaware of our old stuff lurking around on the internet. These include past updates on social media, old accounts, old profile pictures as well as blogs. It is vital to delete old profiles because they can create confusion for over your online personal brand. You should also use the appropriate photos for the right professional platform. For example, a LinkedIn profile should have a professional headshot to prevent assumptions that might arise as is the case of a thumbnail picture.

#5 Develop More Professional Relationships

This year, you should strive to make many friends in your professional circle because they will help you generate new ideas as well as explore your strengths as far as skills and qualifications are concerned. Making professional relationships will guide you – based on the sharing of ideas among each other – in making the necessary adjustments to your personal brand to get you ahead in your career journey. Preferably, you should establish a new relationship with an esteemed professional in your field of specialisation. He or she will provide pointers for success in the industry.

As noted by Dan Schawbel, the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, it is wrong to believe that personal branding is only exclusive to certain kinds of people. Even those who do not crave socialising with others can still have their own personal brand whose success depends on the depth of the relationships they develop. Viewing yourself as a brand will enlighten you further on how to exhibit yourself.

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