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WORKPLACE / JUL. 27, 2015
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5 Ways to Remain Energetic When You're Tired And a Deadline Nears

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It’s Wednesday 3 p.m. and the deadline of 4 p.m. is coming closer and closer with each passing minute. You start panicking, procrastinating and yawning because you’re exhausted. After a busy morning, a junk food-laden lunch and a double espresso in the morning, you’re officially beat. How will this deadline get completed? 

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You’re not the only person in the world who feels this. You transform into a sloth at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. due to a variety of reasons: too much sugar, too much stagnation, too much work. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, and the only thing you care about is going to bed at this point. Unfortunately, you do have a job to complete and that assignment’s deadline is inching ever so closer. "But I don’t have any energy left, how will I finish this?" you may ask yourself. Well, there are ways to get a sudden burst of energy without pouring an entire canteen of coffee down your throat. 

Here are five ways to remain energetic when you’re tired and a deadline nears:

1. Write a To-Do List

As your deadline comes close to ending, jot down a quick to-do list that provides you with everything that needs to be done. For instance, if you have a content marketing assignment that must be submitted to your editor in the next hour and you have a large chunk of it done then note:  

  • Format (images, headers, links, etc.). 
  • Proofread and edit twice. 
  • Add any other relevant information. 
  • Ensure it meets the style guide of the client. 

This will help you stay on track and keep you focused on you work.

2. Turn on Some Bebop Jazz or Fast-Paced Classical Music

Silence can be an absolute productivity killer. Other types of music can also drain your mind or hurt the quality of your work, like pop music and heavy metal. The best kinds of music to listen to just before your deadline are bebop jazz and fast-paced classical music. This will you get in the mood, while also producing high-quality work. 

Here are a few tunes to consider: 

  • Giuseppe Verdi’s "Requiem" 
  • John Coltrane and Milt Jackson’s "Bebop" 
  • Horace Silver’s "Message From Kenya" 
  • Hank Mobley’s "Tenor Conclave" album 
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 42 
  • Aram Khachaturian’s "The Sabre Dance"

3. Go For a Quick Run

Nothing accelerates your heartbeat, pumps blood and gets you energetic than going for a quick run around the block for a couple of minutes. Even if you’re someone who practices atrophy, it’s important to run, even if it’s for very little, to wake you up. To reverse your brain drain, run up and down the stairs, go outside and run around the building or start jogging on the spot at your workstation. 

4. Stand When Completing This Assignment

Similar to going for a jog, standing while you complete your assignment can be a big help. Of course, it also helps if you have a standing workstation. Overall, standing for a half-hour as opposed to just sitting there immovable will be a tremendous aid to getting this assignment handed in on time. 

5. Visualize The End Result

Finally, visualize the end result. This means, in your mind, picture yourself finishing the assignment and handing it in with great pride can assist you in your plight to completing the project. We’re a very visual species so doing this will serve as an aid for your occupation. 

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Despite binge-watching Netflix all night and leading sedentary lifestyles, we’re very hard working people. In addition to our 40-hour workweeks, we tend to do more than our fair share, whether it’s at the office or at home. Unfortunately, our energy levels, or lack thereof, can get in the way of maintaining productivity. Perhaps you need a long-term plan to improve your energy levels, such as a balanced diet, regular exercise and an adequate amount of sleep.

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