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5 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Business

So you love sharing your thoughts through a blog?

That’s great, but what if you could turn the whole lot into a viable business? It’s the dream for bloggers all over the world. The problem is most people will never make it to this point because they don’t know how. If you want to put the work in, you can do it. We’re going to go through five ways in which you can take advantage of your blog as a money-making asset.

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#1 Working with Brands

Sponsored content is always popular. Brands want to expand away from their websites. They will find popular blogs in their niche and offer the owner the chance of earning some money if they write a sponsored post. The blog owner still gets to make it clear the post is sponsored, so you aren’t deceiving your readers.

Don’t wait for them to contact you. Get in touch with a brand you like. Pitch them an idea and show them how your reach can help them.

#2 Freelance Writing Elsewhere

You don’t have to work on your blog to earn money as a writer. Becoming a freelance writer and offering to write content for other blogs is a way of getting some extra dollars when you need them most. Add a page to your blog offering your services. You never know who might come forward with a proposal for you.

Take note, most of the time you will have to actively take the lead in finding work. Make sure you choose the right blogs when pitching an idea or you’ll end up wasting a lot of precious time.

#3 Make an eBook in Your Field

More bloggers than ever before are joining the self-publishing gravy train. Rather than letting a weekly blog do the talking, they’re publishing eBooks that people have to buy to access. It’s an addendum to a normal blogging schedule complete with more detailed information. Market yourself as a leader in your field and you may find that you can make a career out of publishing.

Remember to add a link to your email list in the book. eBooks are another great way of growing your subscriber base.

#4 Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Despite the fact affiliate marketing has taken a beating over the years, it’s still running well in some places. If you have a product that you think your subscribers would like, feel free to check out some affiliate programmes. Just make sure that the organisation you’re working with is reputable. Test the product before you sell it because getting this wrong could turn into a PR disaster.

On a side note, no affiliate programme should charge you for joining it. You should always have the option of joining for free.

#5 Begin Advertising on Your Blog

The most common way of making money from any website, not just blogs, is to allow advertisements onto your website. This is a controversial issue because a lot of readers will detest the site of any ads. You should always limit the number of ads, otherwise you may discover your traffic levels dropping away.

Understand that unless you’re running an insanely popular blog, you won’t make a tonne of money from advertising. This is only a way of supplementing your income. A significant number of Internet users already have add-ons like AdBlocker installed so they never see a single advertisement, and you can’t get around them.

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To start with, try out a single ad in a place that isn’t obtrusive and see how it goes down. If there’s a backlash, you can easily decide to pull out.

Have you tried any of the methods mentioned above to monetize your blog? Did they work? Your thoughts and comments below please…


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