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6 Awesome Tools for Expanding Your Content Reach

If you are a content developer or website owner, you know that creating epic and useful content is not enough. You need to find a way of getting it seen by as many people as possible. You can distribute your content through 3 main channels:

  • Owned media– These are channels which belong to you such as email newsletters, your site, blog or social media profiles.
  • Earned media– This is where others share your content. This could be guest posts, product reviews, media coverage and social media shares.
  • Paid media– Here, you pay for exposure in terms of social ads, display ads, pay-per-click ads, among others.

Here are some tools that can help you expand the reach of your content:

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1. GaggleAMP

This is a platform designed to help companies create and implement content marketing campaigns in conjunction with customers, partners and employees. The first thing you need to do is create ‘Gaggles’ (groups of customers, partners and employees). Any time new content is created in the company, Gaggle members receive a notification and are encouraged to share it. GaggleAMP offers regular reports which help marketers improve the timing and messages of new content.

2. NewsCred

This is a tool designed to make the entire content marketing process as simple as possible. Marketers can use NewsCred to create, publish and evaluate content performance. It comes with content recommendations, editorial calendars and workflow tools. Users can access licensed content from almost 5,000 publications, as well as original content from a wide range of professional journalists.

3. Taboola

This is a great tool that offers users suggestions of content they would love, based on what they are currently reading or looking at. Unlike with search engines, where people look for information, Taboola works in reverse with information looking for people. Agencies and marketers can use this tool to reach huge audiences with contextually relevant content. On the other hand, publishers can use this tool to monetize traffic.

4. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is an ideal tool for content promotion and influencer outreach. It helps agencies and marketers identify, pitch, manage, measure and follow up their press and influencer outreach. As you build more influencer relationships, your content is likely to be seen and shared by more people. This tool comes with features such as link monitoring and tracking, as well as Twitter and email integration.

5. Contently

Contently is another great tool which connects content producers with people who require the content. Journalists, authors and writers can easily create a portfolio on the site. This portfolio can be accessed and shared by anyone including social media users, readers and even potential employers.

6. Bundle Post

Bundle Post is a great tool that automates social sharing and content curation. It allows brand marketers, social media agencies and social media professionals to add alerts and feeds. Several times a day, this tool saves and aggregates the latest posts from each of your feeds. Users can hashtag, schedule and find the latest relevant content for 3-5 days within minutes.

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Other tools which can help you expand the reach of your content include WiseStampPR NewswireHelp a Reporter Out (HARO)Storify, and Goodbits.

What tools do you use for expanding your content reach? Let us know in the comments section below!

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