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6 Content Management Plugins for WordPress


When people visit your site, they are basically looking for helpful content. Therefore, content management is a very crucial aspect of running a WordPress site. The better managed your content, the more people are likely to visit and revisit your pages. Here are some plugins which can make content management easier:

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1. Category Custom Post Order

This plugin comes with an awesome interface which allows you to change the order of posts by dragging and dropping. This way, you can enhance the visibility of your best posts. In addition, Category Custom Post Order allows you to curate your posts in each category.

2. Enhanced Media Library

Enhanced Media Library is the perfect plugin for people who manage many media files. It allows you to easily divide your media into different categories. This will make it easier for you to find any media that you wish to reuse. You can edit and delete your categories as you desire. In addition, you can create different media file types, as well as allow and disallow the uploading of any file type.

3. Post List Featured Image

Post List Featured Image adds a ‘Featured Image’ tab in your WordPress admin area. This way, you can easily review the featured images in your pages and posts. You can even sort your post list using the featured image filter. This plugin gives you the option of choosing between three thumbnail sizes. The pro version of this plugin allows you to use the Quick Edit feature to add, remove or change images. In addition, it supports custom post type lists.

4. Design Approval System

If you are a developer and designer, you will love Design Approval System. This plugin allows you to display your content (videos, photos, designs, music or documents) on a private page for your clients’ approval. Once the content is ready, you can then email the link to the private page to the client. You can customize your page to include your company logo, project start and end date, as well as additional notes for your client. This plugin comes with a project board that displays a star on approved designs.

5. WP Scheduled Posts

This easy-to-use plugin enables you to display all your scheduled posts on your admin bar or dashboard using a widget. WP Scheduled Posts is especially useful for multi-author blogs. You can adjust your settings to determine who sees the widget. In addition, this plugin allows you to control the date/time structure, your custom post types and categories, and the style of the schedule widget.

6. Organize Series

As you might have already guessed, Organize Series allows you to organize your posts into a series. Each post in the series is accompanied with a small table of contents which shows all the other related posts. You could also create a proper archives page displaying all the posts in the series. This plugin can help you keep visitors on your site longer, thus reducing your bounce rate.

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Having one or several of these plugins installed on your site will help take the stress out of managing content. So, which is your favorite?

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