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WEB & TECH / APR. 10, 2015
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6 Great Twitter Tools for Managing Followers

Keeping tabs of Twitter followers is very important, especially for businesses. However, managing followers can be a very frustrating and time consuming task. Here are some tools which can make it easier for you:

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1. Tweepi

This is a great tool for identifying and unfollowing people who don’t follow you back. Tweepi also helps you find people who are following you so that you can follow them back at the click of a button. In addition, you can find and get rid of followers who do not participate in conversations or even retweet others.

2. Followerwonk

This tool can help you segment your followers using metrics such as message volume and age. You can then analyze them to see who is most active or least influential. Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter profiles of your followers, unfollow them, and compare followers without leaving the site. This tool comes in paid and free versions, the former coming with more features.

3. ManageFlitter

You might find yourself following Twitter accounts which are inactive or don’t follow you back. As a result, the low ratio of followers to followed makes your account appear less influential. If you are dealing with such a situation, you will find this tool useful. ManageFlitter scans your account and generates a list of your followers. Once this is done, you can sort them in terms of the accounts they are following, the amount of tweets they send and the volume of followers. You can also filter accounts that are not in English, are inactive, don’t follow you back or don’t have a profile photo.

4. Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow divides your followers into three categories:

  • Those you follow but don’t follow you back
  • Those you share a mutual follower/following relationship with
  • Those who follow you but you are not following them

Compared to other similar tools, Friend or Follow is incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is type in and submit your Twitter username on the site. The details of your followers and those you follow will then be displayed. However, the downside is that you cannot unfollow people directly from the site.


This tool allows you to use up to three keywords to find users who you would want to follow. It also offers hints on people that you might want to unfollow, on the basis of low engagement with your content and low influencer scores. will also show you tweets that you should reply to.

6. UnTweeps

This tool basically helps you find inactive accounts you are following and the duration for which they have been inactive. You can specify the number of days of inactivity you want to check. UnTweeps will show you all inactive users, including the date they tweeted last. If you want to unfollow anyone, you can do it without having to leave the site.

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Have you used these or any other Twitter tools? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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