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6 Jobs for Writers Looking to Advance Their Career

You have been writing for the internet now for a while, but you are looking for something new to do. What are some of your choices? What can you do to have a change in your career but still be able to use your skills? The good news is that there are a variety of different types of jobs that a writer can take on

Copy Editor

For those who find themselves constantly finding errors when they are reading other peoples’ work, you might want to take a job as a copy editor.  They will review the copy on a website for any errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar. They will also check it for style and readability as well as make sure it agrees with the editorial policy. They also will suggest any revisions and do research to confirm facts, statistics and dates.

Publication Assistant

Publication assistants that are working for publishing houses might read as well as evaluate the manuscripts that freelance writers submit, proofread any proofs that haven’t been proofed, and answer the questions regarding published material. Assistants who work for the smaller markets in media like small newspapers might compile the articles that are available online or wire services, proofread the articles, and answer phones. 

Executive Editor

Executive editors usually hire employees like writers and reporters. In addition, they plan the budgets as well as negotiate the contracts with the freelance writers. Even though a lot of executive editors are employed by the newspaper publishers, there are also ones who work for magazines, public relation and advertising firms, or television broadcasters.

Assistant Editor

These are the people that are responsible for a specific subject, like international news, local news, sports, or feature stories. Most of them work for television broadcasters, book publishers, public relations or advertising firms, newspaper publishers, or magazines.

PR Specialist

PR specialists are also known as media specialists and communications specialists. They handle the communication of an organization with the general public, which includes investors, reporters, consumers, and other types of media specialists.  In the government, PR specialists are sometimes known as press secretaries.   These workers tell the public about government agencies and officials’ activities.


For those writers who are confident in their ability to spot mistakes in grammar and spelling, proofreading is a great job option. There are a lot of people who pay well for proofreading services, especially authors and students who are writing their dissertations.  So for those who can offer proofreading services, this can be a lucrative job.

If you’re a writer and looking for something new to do, try out one of these new positions.  They will allow you to put your own skills to good use and to help other people who may not have the abilities that you possess. Writing is a great career but sometimes a writer just needs something new to do.  Choosing one of the careers above will give you variety and will help you from getting burned out on writing.

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