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6 Lessons for Success in the Tech Industry

If your career qualifications place you in the technology sector, then good times lie ahead for you with the revelation that the demand for hi-tech experts will grow exponentially up to the year 2020. Chances of gaining employment are also high as employment growth is three times higher than in the private sector. The fact that the sector continues to employ millions of Americans means that there will be many people jostling to advance up its career ladder. For maximum chances of success, you need to learn crucial lessons gleaned from those who have succeeded in this sector.

Confidence and desire in abundance

Confidence and desire are key ingredients for success in the technology industry, especially when trying to advance to a leadership position. A confident leader in the tech world – as is the case with most organizations – inspires his employees to invest their intellectual gifts in attaining the organization’s goals and vision. You will also need it to galvanize your workforce into a cohesive team that works together on projects. Desire is important as it fuels your will to succeed and encourages a culture of innovativeness at the workplace.

Get a mentor

Because he has been there and seen it all, a mentor will walk you through the murky world of the tech industry by providing you with ideas and advice to boost your career forward. You can get different mentors over the course of your career who will help you improve your various skillsets for the technology sector. Your candidates for the mentorship position could include your boss, university lecturer, a renowned tech entrepreneur or a family member involved in the industry.

Put emphasis on results

Staying at the top of the tech industry hierarchy will be a hard thing to do unless you start pulling in the numbers that speak for your performance. Ensure that your results meet the set expectations or benchmark, against which your performance will be measured to determine whether you deserve to remain in the same position. Always evaluate yourself – either monthly or bi-monthly – to see whether the department is moving in the right direction under your guidance. Erase the glitches from your work productivity before you are summoned to a performance evaluation meeting with your superiors.

Be persuasive, not pushy

Persuasiveness is a sure recipe for increased productivity in the workplace, because employees feel they are part of a project they are undertaking and hence put all their effort to see it thrive. In contrast, assertiveness will not guarantee success in the tech industry, because it is often perceived as an unfriendly conduct. Use thought-provoking questions when deliberating with other co-workers on projects so that they can share i-depth ideas with you on these projects.

Choose a diverse team

A leadership position in the tech industry often involves leading a group of tech experts working on a technological idea. If the responsibility to select the team members falls on you, then it should be a team where every person has a unique experience and skills that complements those of other members. Above all, they should collectively share a passion for their job, which will boost a teamwork spirit, because all of them will be striving for a common purpose.

Encourage teamwork

Teamwork offers the best chance of success as different people with a variety of ideas come together to produce a product or service after deliberating, exploring and modifying these ideas. As the head of the team, you should assign specific goals to each member and undertake to help them achieve them. They should be encouraged to share with each other any challenges faced in executing these goals. The journey towards attaining these goals will be undoubtedly challenging but fun. This compelling feel is what will spur the team towards success.


Avoid complacency when you begin to enjoy success in the tech sector, because failure will befall you. Rather than relying solely on your smartness, make changes when required to sustain your upward trajectory in the career ladder. This will come in handy in a highly competitive work environment, such as, in the technology industry.

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