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6 Life Lessons from James Bond

For decades James Bond has been the epitome of success, masculinity and confidence. Travelling across the globe on her Majesty’s secret service, Bond has remained the single man who defines loyalty and achievement for more than 50 years. His journey is one that inspires young and old men of all backgrounds since his character is synonymous with power and success.

007 is just more than a man who has a license to kill - he a hero and an inspiration for many. What does it take to become a man like Bond? Here’s a brief overview:

#1 He knows what he Wants

Not only is James Bond smooth and suave, he knows what he wants and does everything he can to get it. His assertive attitude helps him achieve whatever he sets his mind to - from his choice of drink to his high tech gadgets, Bond is a man of who has it all because of his confidence in his abilities.

#2 He takes Initiative

Have you ever seen Bond second-guessing his decisions or regretting his moves? Nope - not a chance. Bond knows what to do and when to do it, and that’s what makes him an excellent icon. His Plan A works 99% of the times, and when it doesn’t - he has a Plan B all ready to go.

#3 He ALWAYS remains Calm

Nothing fazes the man - literally. Whether he is confronted with betrayal by a woman or comes face-to-face with a villain, he retains his calm and acts as he always does - smooth and suave! So instead of panicking and stressing out in a bad situation, keep your cool to help you make the right decision.

#4 He is willing to take Risks

No ordinary person would jump off a cliff in the off chance to land inside an airplane that was nose-diving into a crash - yet Bond does. In GoldenEye you witness Bond take the most daring and unlikely risk of all, only to end up in the plane and fly it to a safe place. Moral of the story? Take risks and be confident that you will succeed!

# 5 He is on-track with Technology

While Bond is applauded for his daring and risky personality, Q is equally well-known to Bond fans as he is the brain behind all the fancy gadgets. This is what makes Bond an exceptional agent, he is with the times and does not hideaway from technology - in fact, he always makes the most of it!

#6 He always Dresses to Impress

Last but not the least, James Bond is best known for his impeccably tailored and sharp suits. Forget Indiana Jones and his jeans-vest combo, Bond is evergreen in his perfect suits - from pinstripes to classic black, he rocks all cuts and is always prepared to put his best foot forward- whether it is in a casino or onto the villain’s hideout island. 

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